Non-residential Building Inspections

Please note the Ontario Provincial Order related to construction during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now that you have your building permit, you will need onsite inspections to ensure that construction proceeds in accordance with the reviewed plans and the Ontario Building Code.

Onsite inspections

  • The building inspector attends the site and conducts an in-person inspection.
  • All applicable safety measures will be taken, i.e. physical distancing and use of masks.
  • Only one site contact should attend to accompany the building Inspector.
  • All inspections will be onsite, unless a virtual inspection is pre-approved by the inspector.
  • It is the property owner’s and contractor’s responsibility to ensure the jobsite is safe.

Virtual inspections

  • A virtual inspection allows the building inspector to remotely view the site using a webcam, controlled by the owner, contractor or site contact who will be attending the inspection.
  • The town inspectors may use Zoom and Google Duo to conduct virtual inspections.
  • Viability of a virtual inspection will be at the discretion of the inspector.

All inspections must be scheduled in advance, including virtual inspections. The applicant or a designate must request, prepare for and attend the inspection, and follow up regarding any deficiencies or issues identified during the inspection. Inspections must be done in the correct order.

Call us at 905-338 4220, or email to request your building inspections — remember to have your permit number ready! Please review the information required to book your inspection. 

The following information will be required to book your inspection:

  • Permit #
  • Property address in full
  • Requestor full name
  • Requestor phone number
  • Requester email
  • Company name (if applicable)
  • Inspection date requested
  • Site contact name (person attending the inspection)
  • Site contact phone number
  • Site contact email address
  • Provide any additional information relevant to the inspection

Reviewed permit plans must be on site for each inspection.

Required inspection stages


Additional information required for a virtual inspection if granted

  • Confirm that the site contact has WiFi or 4G internet access minimum on site Y/N
  • Confirm that the site contact has access to Zoom and/or Google Duo, and indicate which one is preferred
  • Confirm that the site contact is able to accept meeting invitations via email if a virtual inspection is conducted Y/N
  • Provide any additional information relevant to the virtual inspection
  • Review the virtual inspections section to ensure you are prepared
  • Customer takes full responsibility for their safety during the virtual inspection

Before the virtual inspection:

  • Ensure the jobsite is safe

The site contact attending the inspection must ensure the following:

  • Wifi or at least 4G internet minimum on site
  • Smart phone or tablet fully charged and capable of running a Zoom or Google Duo virtual meeting
  • Good cell signal (turn off notifications or set to do not disturb)
  • A headset or earbuds with a microphone to ensure clear verbal communication
  • Records the virtual inspection or has someone there to write notes and results
  • A Town of Oakville inspector will contact you to discuss the items to be inspected and develop a walk-through plan for the inspection.
  • Ask your inspector what other items you should have on site for the inspection.
    • Some examples:
      • Flashlight
      • Measuring tape
      • Level
      • Step ladder
      • Pressure gauge
      • Temperature gauge with sensor

During the virtual inspection:

  • The building inspector will be physically distanced onsite in their vehicle, with a device ready to run the Zoom or Google Duo meeting
  • The Inspector will initiate the virtual inspection with the site contact
  • Verbalize “Remote Live Video Inspection Performed” at the start of the inspection
  • Ask the site contact to video the site address at the start of the inspection
  • Direct the site contact where to point the camera
  • Ask the site contact to verbalize what is being shown
  • Complete the walk-through plan, providing clear direction to the site contact, asking for panoramic views, etc.
  • Communicate any deficiencies or issues
  • Indicate the status of the inspection (Passed, Not Passed, Incomplete, Not Ready, etc.)
  • Communicate next steps to the site contact.

Note: If for any reason the inspector is unable to complete the virtual inspection, every effort will be made for an inspector to complete the inspection on site the same day. If this is not possible, the inspector will schedule an inspection for the next available business day.

After the virtual inspection:

  • Ensure you have all the information needed to resolve any deficiencies or issues
  • Notify the inspector once any deficiencies have been resolved and ensure that any changes made after the inspection must be re-inspected.
  • Provide proof of resolution, either via photograph or in a follow-up inspection
  • Ensure that you book any additional inspections that may be required.
  • You may need additional approvals from other town departments or other agencies. Please review the "Other agency approvals" sections for details.

Property owners are responsible for getting all necessary approvals for their proposed project. Proof of approval must be submitted to Building Services with the permit package.

Additional approvals may be needed from other town departments/areas including:

  • Development Engineering
  • Site plan
  • Finance department
  • Fire department

Additional approvals may be needed from other agencies/organizations including:

Non-residential and apartment buildings require inspections at various construction stages. Visit the Applications, Forms and Guidelines page to find out more.