Non-residential Building Permits

Examples of projects that require building permits:

  • Erect, alter or repair structures over 10 square metres (107 square feet)
  • Change the use of an existing space
  • Tenant improvements
  • Alterations to interior partitions or the installation of skylights, windows or doors
  • Creation of a patio or covered areas
  • Garden centres, tents, air supported structures
  • Loading Docks
  • Repairs of balconies and parking structures
  • Alter exterior facades
  • Constructing or installing accessory structures such as garbage enclosures
  • Designated structures such as retaining walls, tanks, solar panels and communication towers
  • Mechanical alterations
  • Commercial kitchen exhaust and suppression systems
  • Spray booths, dust removal systems
  • Rooftop HVAC replacements
  • A structure of any size that contains plumbing
  • Wood burning fireplaces, ovens, unit heaters and other heating appliances including the alteration, replacement or extension of ductwork
  • Geothermal systems
  • Site Servicing
  • Shoring
  • Install new, alter or extend existing plumbing, heating or fire protection systems
  • Maglocks

A demolition permit is required for a full or partial demolition.

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Applying for a Non-Residential Building Permit:

  1. Submit two sets of drawings. Permit applications must be accompanied by scaled detailed drawings clearly indicating the full scope of work. Projects beyond the scope of Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code must be designed by an architect and/or engineer and permit drawings shall bear the signed and dated seal of the designer. You may need the following drawings: site plan of property with proposal and site statistics, architectural, structural, HVAC and plumbing, and electrical fire protection.
  2. Determine required approvals from external governing agencies as obtaining consent can be a lengthy process. Establish early what is required to satisfy the pertinent requirements.
  3. Complete Building Permit Application forms. Download application and schedules in advance or pick up copies in Building Services.
  4. Visit Building Services to submit application forms along with drawings, permit fee and supporting documentation. See the non-residential submission checklist.

Please note that it is unlawful to commence construction prior to the issuance of a building permit.

Building inspections

To ensure work is carried out in accordance with reviewed drawings and to the Ontario Building Code, several inspections are required. Visit the non-residential building inspection page for details.