Old Bronte Road / Khalsa Gate Streetscape Plan


Old Bronte Road intersects with Dundas Street West in northwest Oakville. This crossroad is the site of the historic settlement of Palermo, once an important stop on the route between Toronto and Dundas. At its peak in the 1920s Palermo boasted a post office, community hall, blacksmith shop, brick school house, doctor's office and churches.

The operation of Bronte Road and Dundas Street became the responsibility of the Halton Region. In 2007, the region constructed the Bronte Road By-Pass at Palermo. A portion of the original street was renamed Old Bronte Road and transferred to the Town of Oakville. The majority of the street remains a two-lane rural road without sidewalks or ditches.

Today, Palermo Village is identified in the Livable Oakville Plan as an area for which a concentration of new development is planned. Old Bronte Road / Khalsa Gate, the main spine of the village, is being studied in order to develop a streetscape plan.

Study description

The Old Bronte Road / Khalsa Gate Streetscape Plan will outline the features of the street, including the location and width of sidewalks and travel lanes for vehicles and bicycles, street furniture (e.g. benches, planters, bike racks and garbage containers) and lighting. The study has the following objectives:

  • To advance the community vision set out in the Livable Oakville Plan and the North Oakville West Secondary Plan
  • To determine the configuration of the road to support future land uses and multi-modal traffic
  • To connect the north and south portions of Palermo Village with common design elements
  • To integrate cultural heritage into the design
  • To support the planned transit hub and bus rapid transit (BRT) on Dundas Street
  • To provide direction on urban design for future development
  • To propose a safe and efficient pedestrian crossing on Dundas Street at Old Bronte Road

Study schedule

A public workshop (pdf) to obtain community input regarding the streetscape plan was scheduled for October 4, 2011. Staff reported to Council with a recommended streetscape plan on December 12, 2011, and the final plan (pdf) was completed in April 2012.

For more information contact:

Brad Sunderland
Planning Services Department
905-845-6601, ext. 3043