Notice of study commencement for Merton (QEW/Bronte Road) tertiary planning study

Thu, 14 Mar 2013

The Town of Oakville has initiated a study of the Merton lands, the undeveloped lands generally located on the north side of the QEW and south of Upper Middle Road between Bronte Road and Third Line. The Livable Oakville Plan identifies these lands as a Special Policy Area for potential future development and directs that the area be studied comprehensively to determine future land uses and policies.

Staff has worked with the major landowners, the Region of Halton and Conservation Halton to develop a study process. This process will be facilitated by the town and will consist of four components:

  1. Technical reports – to be completed by the landowners’ consultants and relating to natural heritage, servicing and infrastructure, transportation, noise, vibration, odour, archaeology and phasing.
  2. Tertiary plan – land use options to be developed with town Planning staff and participating landowners within the study area, utilizing the Livable Oakville policies and schedules, and the initial constraint information from the Technical Reports.
  3. Peer review – the town has retained a peer review consultant to assist with the review of the technical reports and tertiary plan, and coordination of all internal and external agency comments.
  4. Applications and approvals – the tertiary plan will be implemented through proposed amendment(s) to the Livable Oakville Plan and later through individual development applications for zoning and draft plan of subdivision approvals.

For more information, please visit the Merton planning study page.

Study contact information

Charlie McConnell, Manager
Current Planning - West District
Planning Services Department
905-845-6601, ext. 6042