Livable by Design Manual

The urban design manual sets the framework for desirable and compatible development that sympathetically responds to the surrounding context, maintains and enhances the character of an area and promotes a more human approach to development.

The Livable by Design Manual is comprised of three distinct components which will implement the Livable Oakville Plan by providing the necessary direction for designing and assessing development.

Livable by Design Manual - Urban Design Direction for Oakville (2014)

A comprehensive set of guiding design principles and urban design directives applicable town-wide (south of Dundas Street) to all forms of development and redevelopment.

Part A

Design Guidelines for Stable Residential Communities (2013)

A series of detailed design documents specifically tailored to identified districts and specific land-uses in the town. The creation of these design documents will be ongoing.

Part B

Livable by Design Manual – Site Design and Development Standards for Oakville (2017)

A comprehensive set of detailed standards and technical direction to achieve the best possible site development and functionality.

Part C

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