Acceptable Use of Town Facilities

Be a good neighbour!

Permit holders - sports organizations, teams, players and residents - who are using the Town of Oakville’s sports fields are required to conduct themselves in a respectful and responsible way. That’s what we call being a good neighbour.

Inappropriate behaviour

Parks staff conducts regular checks of sports fields and parks to ensure proper use. The majority of sports field users act in a respectful way; however, there are occasions when inappropriate behaviour is reported such as aggressive or bullying behaviour, foul language, public urination, littering, smoking, drinking alcohol on public property, or leaving field lights on after play is finished.

Report an incident

There is now a formal procedure to investigate and manage inappropriate behaviour by users of our sports fields. If you witness or experience any conduct violations, please report the incident through our online Inappropriate Behaviour Reporting Form.

Criminal behaviours such as illegal substance use, fighting or assault, theft, possession or use of weapons, or harassment (non-emergencies) should be reported to Halton Police at 905-825-4777.

Consequences and enforcement

Incidents of inappropriate behaviour by permit holders or team members will be investigated within five business days. If the details are confirmed, disciplinary action will be taken within 10 days. Action can include a verbal and/or written warning, fine, permit suspension or loss of permit, depending on the severity of the incident and any prior violations. If we are unable to confirm the complaint or accurately identify the offenders, no action will be taken, but the report will be kept on file.

Suspension appeal process

Permit suspensions can be appealed within 14 days. New evidence must be submitted along with a fee of $250. Appeals will be reviewed by a panel chaired by the commissioner of Community Services. If the appeal is successful, the suspension will be lifted and the fee will be refunded in full.