Bronte Beach and Launch Ramp Redevelopment

45 West River Street
Harbour and Waterfront Trail
Ward 1


The high water in 2017 damaged the boat launch ramp and adjacent sea walls and the ramp has been closed for public safety. The Town is currently developing a master plan  to relocate the launch ramp as well as further development of the adjacent parkland. The master plan will include:

  • Relocated boat launch ramp
  • Trailer parking
  • New seawall
  • Junior and senior play structures
  • Picnic shelter
  • Walking trails
  • Bronte beach dune planting
  • Additional seating and lighting

Project Status

The project is currently broken into 2 phases.  Phase 1 will be the replacement of the launch ramp, seawall and parking reconfiguration and is expected to begin July 2018 and completed by early spring 2019.  Phase 2 will be the development of playground, trails etc. and will be completed in future years and subject to budget approval.

Plans/Reports/Design Concept


The Town has retained the services of Shoreplan Engineering and The MBTW Group to oversee the project.

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