Bronte Marina Building Frequently Asked Questions

What decisions have already been made?

  • The building has been designated a heritage structure.
  • A stakeholder focus group determined that future use of the Bronte Marina Building will be best determined within the context of a broader Harbours Master Plan.
  • Council has approved the budget for development of a Harbours Master Plan in 2015.Northshore Boatworks Ltd. will be permitted to operate out of the Bronte Marina Building until the Harbours Master Plan is complete and future use of the building has been determined.

What does a heritage designation mean?

Heritage designation means that the cultural heritage value of a property is legally recognized and protected under the Ontario Heritage Act. Heritage permits are required to alter the property’s designated features – these can include building elements, structures and even landscape features. Heritage designation does not restrict the use of a building.

What is a Harbours Master Plan?

A Harbours Master Plan is a comprehensive 10-year plan that will establish a vision for both Bronte and Oakville Harbours and the important role they play in the future of Oakville.

Who will the town consult with to develop the Harbours Master Plan?

Consultation will include engagement with local residents and businesses, Business Improvement Associations, boaters, boating clubs and associations, Halton Region, government agencies, tourism operators, historical societies and the general public.

What will happen to the Bronte Marina building and surrounding property?

As part of the Harbours Master Plan consultation, town staff will engage with the boating community, local residents and businesses on preferred use of the building. Any decision on the building’s future will be made by Council after considering both public input and the cost of related renovations. The town is committed to supporting a vibrant community while honouring the marine heritage of Bronte.

When will the Harbours Master Plan be complete?

It is expected the Harbours Master Plan will take 9-12 months to complete, with public consultation beginning in fall 2015.

Why is NorthShore Boatworks permitted to stay in the building beyond June 30?

With other tenants vacating the building last fall there is a reduction in the level of repairs necessary now there is a single tenant. Repairs can be made to the building to ensure it is safe for the light industrial use of Northshore Boatworks.

Why don't you start renovating right now?

The type of renovations required will depend on what the building will be used for in the future. Stakeholder and public consultation on future use of the building will be part of the Harbours Master Plan consultation in the fall 2015. The cost of associated repairs and renovations will then be brought forward in the 2016 capital budget for approval by Council.

Will the town be continuing other marine services in the harbour?

Yes, the Harbours office will operate as usual. All harbour amenities including the boating and BHYC facilities, dock and launch operations, haul-outs, storage, washrooms/showers, parking, mast stepping or un-stepping, bottom washes will remain unchanged.

What is the status of the dredge in Bronte Harbour?

Dredging recently occurred within the inner harbour to remove accumulated silt to ensure mooring slips and the channel are available for recreational boating. The permit for dredging work ended March 31 and 18,500 cu m of silt has been removed. Further dredging work will be done this fall to remove approximately another 4,500 cu m of silt.