Destination Parks

Many of the town's destination parks provide a wonderful setting for special events. If you are planning a special event, ceremony or photography opportunities, a permit may be required. Please visit the Plan an Event page for permit information. Search the Destination Parks map for location details.

Shell Park, All-America Selections Winner, Vegetable and Herb Display Garden

In 2017, the Shell Park display garden took third place honours at the All-America Selections (AAS) landscape competition. Horticultural staff designed a creative garden display featuring herbs and vegetables, including radishes, kale, beans, strawberries, and mini-pumpkins. The garden demonstrated different methods on how to garden in small spaces. The AAS website has more information on the Shell Park garden design as well as photographs of the multi-tiered wall display.

Shell Park Gardens was also the recipient of second place honours in 2016 for the AAS design competition for its focus on a pollinator education garden. More information on Shell Park's amenities and location can be found in the Destination Parks list.

Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park

2340 Ontario Street
Size: 7.78 ha (19.22 acres)
Classification: Community Park
Ward 1

A picturesque waterfront park located on Ontario Street below Lakeshore Road. The Bronte Butterfly Gazebo is an ideal spot for a wedding ceremony or photography.

Other amenities include:

  • Parking - 212 spaces
  • Washroom facility
  • Water feature

Coronation Park

1426 Lakeshore Road West
Size: 9.6 ha (23.72 acres)
Classification: Community Park
Ward 2

Coronation Park is a beautiful park situated on the shore of Lake Ontario. It is located on Lakeshore Road west of Fourth Line and east of Third Line. Coronation Park features five large designated picnic areas that are permitted through the town, including a covered/shelter area. Each picnic area comes equipped with picnic tables and a barbecue pit.

Other amenities include:

  • Splash pad
  • 2 beach volleyball courts
  • Playgrounds
  • Stage
  • Parking - 221 spaces
  • Washrooms/snack bar facility

Erchless Estate

8 Navy Street
Size: 1.38 ha (3.41 acres)
Classification: Community Park
Ward 2

The Erchless Estate gardens have been carefully restored to their historic appearance from photographs taken in the early 1900s. A stunning rock garden that was originally designed and built for Emelda Beeler Chisholm (1873-1951) in the 1920s continues to be enjoyed by visitors today.

Visitors can stroll through the grounds and explore the many points of historical interest while enjoying picturesque lakeside views. The grounds are beautifully maintained by the Town of Oakville’s Parks and Open Space department. Erchless is a popular site for special occasion and wedding photography (permit required). Please note parking is limited to 12 spaces.

The Oakville Museum at Erchless Estate is located on the grounds of Erchless Estate. Visit the Oakville Museum page.

There is ongoing exterior restoration work at Erchless Estate. Work includes exterior masonry repointing, wooden trim restoration and repainting at both the main Museum building and the Coach House. In addition, the stone wall/iron fence and adjacent gardens that run from the south side of the estate down towards TOWARF will be partially dismantled and rebuilt. This work is weather dependent so the schedule and timelines are not be available.

Gairloch Gardens

1306 Lakeshore Road East
Size: 4.39 ha (10.85 acres)
Classification: Community Park
Ward 3

Gairloch Gardens, consisting of a park and gallery in an old homestead, is located south of Lakeshore Road near Morrison Road. The gallery is a heritage home on the estate of the late James Gairdner who, in 1971, bequeathed his estate to the Town of Oakville.

The gardens boast extensive rose gardens and 15,000 annuals that bloom between June and September. Gairloch Gardens is a very popular destination for special occasion and wedding photography (permit required). Please note parking is limited to 35 spaces.

Lakeside Park

144 Front St.
Size: 1.2 ha (2.97 acres)
Classification: Neighbourhood Park
Ward 2

Lakeside Park is situated along the shore of Lake Ontario in downtown Oakville. The park is the site of two historic buildings – The Old Post Office and the Thomas House – and is across the street from the Oakville Museum at Erchless Estate. Enjoy a stroll along the pathways that form part of the Homecoming Trail.

Rentals are not permitted at Lakeside Park.

Other amenities include:

  • Bandstand
  • Playground
  • Washroom facilities

Lions Valley Park

1227 Lions Valley Rd
Size: 11.47 ha (23.34 acres)
Classification: Major Valley
Ward 5

The Parks and Open Space department, in partnership with Halton Region recently completed the rehabilitation of Lions Valley Park. Visitors will enjoy the new pedestrian bridge over Sixteen Mile Creek, a newly constructed trail system from Fourth Line to the pedestrian bridge, landscaping and an asphalt-paved parking area.

Enjoy the walking trails and lookouts from the new bridges on Dundas Street. Learn more about the history of Lions Valley Park and Sixteen Mile Creek Trail by visiting the Heritage and History section of the website.

Other amenities include:

  • Parking
  • Picnic areas
  • Playground (estimated completion date: July 31, 2013)

Nottinghill Park

1150 Nottinghill Gate
Size: 4.29 ha (10.6 acres)
Classification: Neighbourhood Park
Ward 4

Nottinghill Park is located on Nottinghill Gate in Glen Abbey. The park boasts four perennial flower beds, in bloom from April to October including an ornamental grass collection and 7,500 annuals, and is a popular destination for special occasion and wedding photography where a permit is not required. If you are planning a special event a permit is required.

Other amenities include:

  • Playground
  • Softball diamond
  • 2 mini soccer fields
  • Outdoor skating rink (weather permitting)
  • Parking - 27 spaces

Shell Park

3307 Lakeshore Road West
Size: 20.61 ha (50.93 acres)
Classification: Community Park
Ward 1

Located in southwest Oakville, Shell Park boasts more than 500 blooming roses between June and September and 10,000 annuals in flower from May to September. Gardening enthusiasts will enjoy the demonstration garden featuring new plant varieties grown from trial seeds provided by All-America Selection (AAS). In the summer of 2017, horticultural staff added herbs and vegetables including radishes, kales, beans, strawberries, and mini pumpkins. Vegetables are being donated to the Kerr Street Ministries. This vegetable garden features two new structures to demonstrate how to effectively garden in small spaces.

Other amenities include:

  • Community garden plots
  • Off-leash dog park
  • Playground
  • Skateboard park
  • 4 soccer fields
  • Field house
  • Washroom facility
  • Parking - 216 spaces

South Shell Waterfront Park

3450 Lakeshore Road West
Size: 2.76 ha (6.82 acres)
Classification: Community Park
Ward 1

A picturesque waterfront park located on Lakeshore Road. South Shell Waterfront Park, in conjunction with Shell Park, Bronte Woods and Burloak Woods north of Lakeshore Road is considered by many local birders to be the best migrant stopover site in the greater Hamilton area. Dozens of different species have been recorded here, including a number of species at risk.

Other amenities include:

  • Interpretive signs
  • Naturalized passive parkland
  • Parking lot - 31 spaces
  • Playground
  • Shade structure
  • Waterfront picnic
  • Waterfront trail
  • Washroom facilities

Environmental significance of South Shell Waterfront Park

Every year, billions of birds migrate from their summer homes in Canada to warmer southern climates and back again the following year. Large bodies of water, such as the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes, are geographic barriers to migration - that is, they pose an obstacle to migrating birds because of their large size. When birds approach Lake Ontario in preparation to cross, they may decide to delay their crossing if there are adverse weather conditions. This results in birds ‘piling up’ along the lakeshore as they wait for more favourable conditions.

Most songbirds migrate at night, making landfall as the sun rises. After birds have crossed Lake Ontario, they may also ‘pile up’ in shoreline habitat as birds that are in transit over the lake continue to arrive on the far shore. Shoreline habitats such as the one at South Shell Waterfront Park are critically important areas where migrants rest and refuel so that they can continue their journeys.

Why does it look so ‘messy’? Diverse and relatively dense habitat provides cover from predators and a safe place for the birds to rest. The use of native species supports food sources for the birds. In spring, the emergence of tiny midges (insects) from the lake provides a critical food source for migrants.

How can you help?

  • Keep cats indoors and dogs on a leash; even non-lethal encounters with these predators can stress birds and interfere with feeding and other behaviours
  • Naturalize your property with native plants to provide habitat for birds and other wildlife
  • Avoid the use of invasive species
  • Learn more about ways to make your home ‘bird friendly’, such as optimal placement of bird feeders to avoid bird-window collisions.
  • Support organizations that protect habitat for birds and other wildlife.
  • Join a local naturalists’ club, report your sightings and contribute to the conservation of birds.

Westwood Park

170 Wilson Street
Size: 0.68 ha (1.68 acres)
Classification: Neighbourhood Park
Ward 2

Park Planning and Development wins ‘Award of Merit’ for design and installation of Westwood Park.

The redevelopment of Westwood Park included boulevard upgrades along Kerr and Wilson streets; installation of walkways, decorative walls, trees and shrubs. Phase 2 included a custom-designed metal gazebo and trellis feature, lighting, irrigation, completion of the central plaza area, water feature and landscaping.
Westwood Park is a beautiful site for photography (permit not required).