Fitness Class Drop-in Schedules

Summer programs cancelled

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic,drop-in fitness classes are currently cancelled. When fitness centres are allowed to open in Phase 3 of our recovery plan, drop-in schedules will be posted.

Please refer to the Summer Programs FAQ for more information.

Check out our Get Active and Creative at Home page for ways to stay active and creative at home.

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The Recreation and Culture department strives to make our programs and services accessible and inclusive to all members of our community including those with intellectual or physical disabilities; attention and behaviour difficulties; vision and hearing impairments; learning disabilities; allergies and medical conditions.

For more information, visit our Inclusion and Support Services page.

Admission for support persons

Persons requiring that a support person accompanies them in order to participate in Recreation and Culture drop-in programs can apply for an Express Pass. Express Passes are provided at no-charge, provide free entry for the support person and streamlines the program check-in experience.

For more information, please speak to a Customer Service Representative at your local recreation and culture facility.

Medical conditions

Individuals with seizure disorders or other serious medical conditions should be accompanied by an individual knowledgeable of their condition and responsible who can provide immediate assistance if needed.

The Town of Oakville's mission is to provide an environment that is welcoming and comfortable for everyone. To ensure the best experience for all, users of our facilities are expected to:

  • Return equipment to its proper place when finished.
  • Allow others to use weight equipment between sets and limit cardio usage during peak times to 30 minutes per piece of cardio equipment.
  • Wear appropriate athletic attire at all times in the fitness area, including shirts, appropriate shoes (closed toe, no sandals), and bottoms which are not see-through and cover the buttocks area.
  • Wipe down equipment after each use using the spray cleaner and paper towel or wipes provided.
  • Refrain from aggressive and/or inappropriate conduct, including offensive/vulgar language. Such behaviours, directed towards any person in the facility, will not be tolerated.
  • Refrain from speaking on your cell phone in the fitness gym areas and move to the lobby when talking on the phone. Capturing video or photos within the change room is strictly prohibited.
  • Note that Town of Oakville personal trainers and instructors are the only authorized professionals to provide coaching, nutritional consultation and/or program design within the fitness centre. If you are working with a therapist, please speak to the Recreation Coordinator/Supervisor at your specific location for more information.
  • Seek immediate assistance from a Town of Oakville staff member if you are injured while in the fitness area. Our team can provide or arrange for appropriate medical assistance and will complete an accident/incident report.
  • Lock up your belongings in one of the day-use lockers provided. The Town of Oakville is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

A complimentary orientation session is available to anyone on an annual basis. A Town of Oakville Personal Trainer can help develop a personal exercise plan to achieve your goals.

Schedules are subject to change at any time based on attendance and instructor availability.

You must be 14 years of age or older to enter the fitness centre.

All members and pass holders must scan their membership card upon arrival or upon request from staff at the front desk.

All participants are required to wear non-marking fitness footwear and proper workout attire in the fitness centre.

Fitness centres are closed on statutory holidays.

Class size varies based on room size or equipment. Please check with customer service staff.

Please remember that the Town of Oakville does not have the expertise to determine the suitability of any participant for any program in relation to their health or fitness level. The potential participant should do this in consultation with a medical doctor.

Barre Bodyworks: A dance inspired body sculpting class with elements of Pilates, Yoga & strength training using the barre. This class will effectively strengthen, tone the entire body. An upbeat and fun workout for all levels of fitness.

Body Conditioning: Muscle strength and endurance training using a variety of equipment. All levels welcome.

Bootcamp: Have fun and get a full-body workout with this indoor circuit class. This is a great way to improve both overall strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Cardio and Strength: A high/low impact cardio workout with muscle conditioning

Cardio Explosion: A mixture of cardio drills that may include: athletic intervals, high and low intensity aerobics, and a blast of strength and core conditioning.

Core Conditioning: Strengthen abdominal, back and hip muscles using a variety of equipment and your own body weight. Focus will also be on flexibility training. Suitable for all fitness levels.

EQ Training: Move from station to station performing resistance and cardio exercises using the Lebert Equalizers®.

Gentle Fit: Low impact aerobics at an easy to moderate pace followed by muscle conditioning and stretching. Ideal for older adults.

Group Cycle: Group exercise on stationary bikes for all fitness levels. A fun ride to increase your cardiovascular fitness.

Group Cycle and Strength: Group exercise on stationary bikes as well as muscle conditioning.

Hang Training: Circuit training using TRX, bands, balls, bars, ropes and more. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Move Jab and Tone: 20 minutes of high/low cardio, 20 minutes of boxing, and 20 minutes muscle strengthening at an intermediate level.

Pilates: Classic Pilates done on mats. Emphasis on core strength and stretching, improves posture, balance, flexibility and spinal mobility.

Step: Step workout which may include the use of two steps and additional muscle conditioning.

Super Circuit (Weight Room): Intervals of cardio work and toning exercises done on the weight equipment in the gym. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Total Body Fusion: Reshape your body and develop lean strength through a series of full body toning exercises. By fusing mind and body movements with unique muscle sculpting exercises that focus on posture and alignment, you will be on your way to a toned and trim physique!

Yoga: Movements to increase flexibility, balance, posture and breath control. Helps relieve stress and tension.

Yoga and Strength: A mix of yoga movements for increasing flexibility and muscle strength.

Zumba®: Latin-inspired dance fitness combining toning and cardio dance moves. Fun for everyone and all fitness levels!

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