George's Square

Veterans' Wall

The Veteran’s Wall memorials at George’s Square continue Oakville’s tradition of honouring and recognizing those who have served their country in active, military conflicts. 

Construction of the Veterans' Memorial at George's Square, located on Trafalgar Road at Palmer Avenue, was completed in 2010. The memorial lists the names of those who served in the First and Second World Wars and who resided in Oakville at the time of their enlistment. It consists of two curved walls at the north and south ends of the existing cenotaph, complimented by benches and landscaping. The original monument lists the names of Veterans who died during their service to this country.

A third memorial wall honouring local military Veterans who served Canada since the end of the Second World War was added at a later date. This includes Colonel Geoff Parker, who made the supreme sacrifice. This newest addition to the Veterans’ Memorial sits adjacent to the existing cenotaph at George’s Square and is intended for those who are not already included in the First and Second World War tributes.

Veteran on Remembrance Day

Veteran on Remembrance Day

For the purposes of this newest memorial wall, a Veteran is defined as a man or woman who was living in Oakville at the time of their enlistment; and a man or woman who has served in, or with, one of the three recognized branches of the Canadian Armed Forces including the Army, Navy or Air Force, during an active armed conflict or operational theatre. Active service members are also eligible, and include those involved in any joint operation coordinated by the United Nations, NATO or similar multi-nation effort such as Afghanistan.

The new memorial wall includes the names of 29 Veterans.

George's Square Memorial honour roll lists

From October to December 2008, the town made the comprehensive honour roll lists of names available to the public to confirm existing details and gather additional information before the names were permanently attached to the memorial. The final honour roll lists were updated in 2011 and are listed below:

Trafalgar Township Memorial honour roll lists

During the research of the Oakville Veterans' lists, a number of errors and omissions were found on the previously established lists for the Trafalgar Township Memorial, which includes the names of all Veterans who were residents of the Trafalgar Township at the time of their enlistment. Corrections to the plaques on the Trafalgar Memorial will also be made.

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