Harbours Master Plan

To ensure Oakville Harbour and Bronte Harbour continue to thrive for years to come the town is developing a Harbours Master Plan focusing on four key objectives:

  1. Providing recommendations on improved public access, better connections to surrounding neighbourhoods, recreational amenities and priorities for both harbours.
  2. Determining the future use of the Bronte Marina Building (formally Metro Marine)
  3. Updating the Oakville Harbours Strategic Business Plan (pdf)
  4. Identifying potential options for future harbour growth.*

*Please note: If Council decides at a later date to explore the possibility of adding a marina, further study including an Environmental Assessment (EA) will be required.

Public Meeting - June 13, 2018

At our most recent public meeting on Wednesday, June 13 we presented the Harbour Master Plan findings and discussed future directions.

Engaging with you is critical to the success of the Harbours Master Plan. Please visit the Harbours Master Plan engagement page to find out who we've consulted so far, what we've heard and how you can share your harbour view.

Draft key directions

Based on research and consultation up to this point, the following draft key directions for the Harbours Master Plan have been identified:

  1. Connect the harbours with their urban centres
  2. Balance and respect for all users
  3. Clear public access
  4. Shared space for vehicle access and parking
  5. Beautiful amenities
  6. Enhance wayfinding and signage
  7. Protect natural features
  8. Identify and preserve cultural heritage landscapes

Contact us

If you would like to share your comments and ideas, or receive the latest updates and public engagement notifications sent directly to your inbox, please contact us at harboursplan@oakville.ca.

Background reports and studies

Recreational Boating Feasibility and Capacity Study
Oakville Harbour West Shore Master Plan, 2008 (pdf, 8.4 MB)
Bronte Harbour Master Plan, 1999 (pdf, 3.7 MB)
Oakville Harbour Master Plan, 1994 (pdf, 7.9 MB)