Town programs for children and youth focus on healthy child development. As a HIGH FIVE® Accredited Organization, our programs for children 6 to 12 years of age are recognized as having the highest levels of quality and safety.

Lifelong learning begins with child’s play. The HIGH FIVE® program is a process committed to assisting children along the path of healthy development by:

  • Ensuring recreation and sport practitioners continue to develop and maintain a high level of knowledge and expertise in child development ,
  • Helping parents make informed choices; and
  • Providing practitioners with the tools for enhancing and maintaining a high level of quality in their programs and services.

What does HIGH FIVE® accreditation mean to parents?

  • Child focused programs
  • Age appropriate activities
  • Trained staff
  • Safe environments
  • Positive child/leader interaction
  • Positive behaviour management

HIGH FIVE® The best way to play!