Closures Due to High Lake Levels

Residents are reminded to use caution around creeks, ponds and the lake where localized flooding and shoreline erosion have created dangerous conditions.

Lake levels remain higher than normal and some areas are prone to sudden flooding and ponding when heavy rainfall is combined with easterly winds. Areas that are taped or fenced off may be unsafe and we ask that residents please respect the closures so that no one gets hurt.

Staff are inspecting our shoreline, lakeside parks and harbours daily to assess conditions and take action where required.


The following areas are closed and will reopen when it is safe to do so:

  • No parking at Bronte Beach Park. Boat Launch ramp is open (single lane traffic)
  • Bronte inner harbour marina closed at dusk nightly
  • Bronte west pier is closed
  • Waterfront Trail – Stairs to 100 Bronte Rd are closed
  • Waterfront Trail – Timber lane – West Street
  • Coronation Park – West side of park closed and access closed from Bayview Road, splash pad off limits
  • Seating area at the bottom of Third Line is closed
  • Shipyard Park – Roadway closed north to Lakeshore Road bridge. Launch ramp is open
  • Oakville east pier – closed
  • Larry Cain Trail – Closed bottom of Erchless Estate north to the Oakville Club
  • Dingle Park – pathway closed Reynolds Street to Allan Street
  • Gairloch Gardens – Closed south of Rose Garden

Sports fields

Our sports fields may also be closed as a result of the wet weather. For more information about the status of sports fields, visit our Sports Field Closures and Facilities Updates page.

If water threatens to flood structures or roadways, please contact ServiceOakville at 905-845-6601 or

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