QEPCCC Facility Rentals and Amenities

Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre (QEPCCC) is a unique and dynamic public space that encourages active living, and inspires the cultural artistic expression of its users.

Not all amenities are available at this time.

The facility boasts:

Open the QEPCCC facility map (PDF).

Our location is an excellent space for conferences, special events, performances, birthday parties and much more!

Are you a musician who wants to record?

Click on the Recording Studio heading that follows to find out about our equipment, rates, and more.

Community rates are available for non-profit groups. QEPCCC Cultural Group CORE memberships are open to volunteer-based non-profit Oakville cultural organizations. Benefits include preferred cultural room rental and storage rates. Visit the CORE page for details.

Visit the Public Art and Exhibitions page to learn how to feature your artwork in one of our gallery spaces.

Visit the Studio Memberships and Drop-in Programs page for information about the spaces and resources available for your next big project.

Council approves rental fees annually based on current market trends, base rates and fees, and current budget requirements. Rates are subject to change pending council approval. Rates vary depending on facility, duration of the rental, amenities available, the type of activity and the number of people.

Open the most-up-to-date Recreation and Culture Rates and Fees (pdf). For more information, contact bookafacility@oakville.ca

Bookings for QEPCCC is managed by the Special Events/Membership/Scheduling Coordinator.

To request a room (including gymnasia), fill out the QEPCCC Room Request Form (pdf) and email it to qepbookafacility@oakville.ca or fax it to 905-815-5976, Attention: Special Events/Membership/Scheduling Coordinator. Processing requests may take up to two business days.

Events needing access to the sound and lighting board are required to book the QEPCCC Studio Technician at $36.06 per hour. Fill out the technical request form (pdf). Additional fees may apply to customized events.

Pool rentals

Visit the Pool Rentals page for information about long-term repeat bookings. Casual bookings (such as birthday party rentals) are to be submitted directly to the Special Events/Membership/Scheduling Coordinator at QEPCCC.

Pool features include:

  • A 25-metre, six-lane pool
  • Wheel chair accessible lift into the pool
  • Stair access to the pool
  • Capacity of 190 people
  • 88 degree water

Recording Studio

The recording studio is a newly designed studio in QEPCCC that opened March 2012. The large 30 by 15 feet acoustically treated recording floor allows clients to tackle a wide variety of projects. Complete and submit the Recording Studio request form (pdf) to book time in the recording studio.

For more information, please call 905-815-5979, ext. 4784 or email qepbookafacility@oakville.ca.

Current clients in good standing are contacted and requested to submit their requirements to the Booking Clerk or Facility Administrative staff at the facility before each season’s deadline. New clients should also follow the deadlines outlined here.

Permits are confirmed when signed by an authorized representative. Confirmed permits require a full payment or approved monthly payment plan, for the period of the scheduled contract.

Fall/winter/spring, September 1-June 30

Request deadline: March 30
Confirmation deadline: April 30

Summer, July 1-August 31

Request deadline: November 15
Confirmation deadline: December 15

Casual permits

Short-term, single use or spot bookings are available following the permit confirmation deadline date for each season, on a first come, first served basis.

AV equipment and technicians

  • Black Box and Rehearsal Hall bookings will be charged an additional setup fee to access AV equipment. Customers are required to bring in applicable cables.
  • Stage is available in the Rehearsal Hall and Black Box upon request if available.
  • Specialized studios (such as the Black Box, Rehearsal Hall, Wood Shop and Community Kitchen) may require a technician in the room. The technician fee is $36.06/hr.


  • Cancellations must be made in writing with 14 days’ notice to the facility scheduler for a full refund less an administration fee of $10 plus applicable taxes.
  • Refunds requested with less than 14 days’ notice will forfeit the room deposit
  • The department reserves the right, through its agent or agents to cancel a room rental agreement close any function for failure to observe all conditions of the permit, and/or retain full or portions of the damage deposit.
  • An administration charge of $40 will be levied for all payment returned non-sufficient funds. Statements will be sent to customers with non-compliance payments and permits could be cancelled so that the debt will not increase.

Food and third-party services

  • Catering, light refreshments, are available.
  • Third party service providers (entertainers, caterers, party rental equipment, etc.) must be approved by the facility at the time of room request and additional requirements may apply including proof of commercial insurance.
  • All sales or distribution of food must be approved by the Special Events/Membership/Scheduling coordinator.
  • Food distribution must follow the Halton Region Health department Guidelines. Visit the Halton Region website for more information and application forms.

Licensed events

All licensed functions are required to provide proof of:

  • A valid liquor license.
  • $5 million liability insurance naming the Town of Oakville as additional insured.
  • Bartenders (ratio 1:100 patrons) with a Smart Serve certificate.


  • All permits, with the exception of room rentals over $100, must be signed and paid in full at the time of booking to reserve location(s).
  • Social events require a $100 deposit + $150 damage deposit to reserve location(s). The remaining balance will be due one week prior to the event.
  • Payments can made via debit, cheques payable to the Town of Oakville, Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Playing music

Bookings playing or performing non-original (copyright) music, are required to pay applicable SOCAN and Re-Sound fees, based on attendance. For more information, visit the SOCAN and Re-Sound website.

Set up and signage

  • Decorating and takedown must be included in your booking time request. External rentals and caterers must remove equipment/items by the end of the booking time.
  • Room set up sheets should be completed and returned to the appropriate site one week prior to booking date.
  • Signage must be approved by the Special Events/Membership/Scheduling Coordinator.

The QEPCCC Black Box Studio Theatre is a multi-purpose performing arts space suited for theatre, music, dance, conferences, workshops, and exhibition displays. The studio can accommodate a variety of seating configurations from audience to cabaret style seating.

Performance Area

  • The main performance area of the space is 40’x 60’ with heavy black theatrical drape on tracks that can be arranged in almost any configuration.
  • The floor of the space is fully sprung, with Masonite top in matte black, ideal for dancing.
  • For events that require staging we offer Wenger Versalite stage decks (12x 4’x8’ & 2x 4’x4’) with railings, a variety of leg heights and steps. Stage must be requested at time of booking.


  • A 40’x 20’ storage space is attached to main performance area for quick changes and storage during an event.
  • Gallery systems hanging track is installed along all walls.
  • Food and beverages can be served in the studio theatre.
  • The facility has two dressing rooms available when booking the Black Box.

Multi Media

  • A 17-foot projector screen with a High Definition 6000 lumen projector, all being fed by an intuitive Crestron video & audio switching system, which accepts essentially any video source.
  • Crestron A/V control with inputs for almost any video and audio source. (VGA, HDMI, Composite, Component video).
  • Blu-Ray player permanently installed, which can also play DVDs and CDs.


  • The space has a full lighting grid 17’ off the deck with 96 lighting circuits and DMX access throughout the room.
  • A variety of ellipsoidal and flood fixtures are available in both a set and customizable lighting plot.
  • GrandMA 2 onPC Command Wing and Fader Wing, run by a HP ProDesk with 4,096 parameter output and near infinite amount of cue storage and colour choice.
  • 10x 19 Degree ETC Source 4, 12x 26 Degree ETC Source 4, 10x 36 Degree ETC Source 4, 20 Altman 1000watt Fresnels, 6 Roscoe iCue intelligent mirror device. 8 x 36 Degree ETC Colorsource Spots, 4x 50 Degree ETC Colorsource Spots, 6 Elation Fuze Par Z175.


  • The space is equipped with a variety of speakers to be setup in any configuration should the event require audio reinforcement. It includes a DiGiCo S21 board to program the event.
  • BBE Soundweb London series processing feeding Crest amplifiers, 4x JBL SRX712M, 2x JBL STX812M speakers, and 4x Outline EIDOS 10 speakers.
  • Full complement of professional microphones including, Shure SM58, SM57, Beta 58, Beta 57, Sennheiser MD421, MD441, e609, e906, e904. AKG D112, Audio Technical AT4033CL, Neumann and more.

A fully accessible commercial-grade kitchen includes the amenities to facilitate and host community programs and events. This space is used for learning, fostering creativity and enjoyment.

Items produced in the community kitchen cannot be sold to the public for any reason. The kitchen is not allergen-free. No food or beverage is provided. It is the responsibility of the organization running the program to provide all items needed, including the Certificate of Insurance.

The Community Kitchen Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Form (pdf) and a kitchen facility tour (fees may apply) must be completed before rental is confirmed.

Review the Community Kitchen Inventory (pdf) for equipment provided.

QEPCCC has two Active Living Studios, the perfect spaces to engage your body and mind while participating in a variety of programs. Conveniently located near these rooms and the gyms are change rooms with day use lockers, washrooms and showers; and family change rooms. Our gymnasia are fully stocked with the following equipment for several sports and activities.

Double gymnasium

  • Dividing curtain in double gymnasium
  • Electronic scoreboard
  • One full basketball court and two cross courts
  • Two volleyball courts
  • Three badminton courts
  • Pull-out bleachers
  • Wall padding
  • Sound system

Single gymnasium

  • 20’ high x 40’ long rock climbing wall with eight top ropes
  • One basketball court
  • One volleyball court
  • One badminton court
  • Electronic scoreboard
  • Wall padding
  • Sound system

The Recording Studio opened in March 2012. The large 30 by 15 feet acoustically treated recording floor allows clients to tackle a wide variety of projects. With competitive rates, flexible hours and an experienced studio engineer we guarantee you will find the sound you’re looking for.

Complete and submit the Recording Studio request form (pdf) to book time in the recording studio.


  • Large recording floor allows client to tackle a wide variety of projects (30 by 15 feet).
  • Acoustically treated rooms for precise capture of sounds.
  • Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic, Final Cut X and Propellerhead Reason 6 software all included.
  • A large collection of brand name plug-ins and software instruments make shaping your project even easier.
  • Avid C|24 controller equipped for complete session control with Pro Tools.
  • Facility equipped for stereo as well as 5.1 surround mixing.
  • Large collection of professional microphones available (Shure, AKG, Neumann, Audix, Sennheiser).
  • Experienced recording engineer on site to get the most out of your performance.
  • Flexible facility hours with hourly, day and half-day rates available.
  • Burn your project straight to CD, DVD or Blu Ray.


Medium size
Capacity 12
Boardroom table

Meeting Room 1

Medium size
Capacity 35
Projection screen

Multi-Purpose 1

Large size
Capacity 100
Sink, projection screen

Multi-Purpose 2

Large size
Capacity 100
Sink, projection screen

Multi-Purpose 3

Medium Size
Capacity 30

Multi-Purpose 4

Medium Size
Capacity 30

Program Room 1

Medium Size
Capacity 20

Program Room 2

Medium Size
Capacity 20
Laminate floors, mirrors, acoustics

Program Room 3

Medium Size
Capacity 30
Projection screen

Gymnasium - Double

Capacity 200
Wooden sprung floor

Gymnasium - Single

Capacity 65
Wooden sprung floor

Small Music Rooms

4, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18
Capacity 2

Medium Music Rooms

11, 14
Capacity 4-6

Large Music Rooms

6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Capacity 12

Music Room 1

Small studio
Capacity 50
Acoustics, fixed risers

Breakout Rooms 1, 2, 3

Capacity 30

Community Kitchen

Medium Studio
Capacity 20
Specialty (technician required)
Equipped, sinks, ovens, gas range, fridge
Additional requirements

Studios 1, 2, 3

Capacity 35
Sink, specialty

Fibre Arts Studio

Capacity 20
Sink, dye room

Digital Studio

Medium studio
Capacity 40
13 Mac computers
Specialty (technician required)

Ceramic Studio

Medium studio
Capacity 20
Specialty (technician required)

Woodworking Studio

Medium studio
Capacity 20
Specialty (technician required)

Black Box Studio Theatre

Large studio
Capacity 100
Acoustics, sound and lighting board
Specialty (technician required to access sound and lighting board)

Dance Studio

Medium studio
Capacity 50
Wood sprung floor, mirrors, acoustic curtains
Specialty (technician required)

Recording Studio

Medium studio
Capacity 15
Separate control room
Specialty (technician required)

Rehearsal Hall

Large studio
Capacity 200
Projection screen, AV equipped, acoustic curtains
Specialty (technician required)