Recreational Boating Feasibility and Capacity Study

A public meeting was held on December 5, 2013. The intent of this project will be to conduct a Harbours Feasibility and Capacity Study with respect to recreational boating across the Region of Halton (Halton). The intent of the study will be to provide a comprehensive analysis of current harbour capacity within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)/Golden Horseshoe region and specifically within Halton. It is also the intent of the study to assess the changing demographic profile of the area and the impacts of these changes on the anticipated demand for recreational boating, the sources and location of this demand, identify trends in the type of boating and berth requirements with the aim at making recommendations on whether or not additional harbour capacity is warranted within Halton.

The Feasibility and Capacity Study is being approached as a two phased project.

Phase 1 will determine recreational boating current demand for harbour capacity and anticipated demand within Halton and the GTA/Golden Horseshoe region over the next 5-20 years. If a need for additional harbour facilities is concluded through the Phase 1 analysis, then a Phase 2 process may be undertaken.

Phase 2 may involve investigating and analyzing potential harbour locations within Halton. The second phase would identify current inventory of marina assets, review recent marina construction in terms of costs, necessary attributes of a marina facility, investigate potential marina locations including parking and access, shoreline bathymetrics, wave action, prevailing winds and other issues such as dredging or algae/weed issues.

Phase 1

Involves reviewing the current state of recreational boating within Halton and forecasting future needs and trends over the short terms (3-5 years) and long term (10-20 years). This information will be used for park and harbour master planning initiatives, business planning and strategy documents. This will provide a better understanding what the future demand and supply requirements are in terms of marina facilities to meet the recreational boating demand within Halton. Many areas of Halton are identified as “Urban Growth Centres” by the Province of Ontario and there is a concern that current mooring slip and harbour capacity will not keep pace with forecasted population growth and demand for such facilities. As both the City of Burlington (Burlington) and Town of Oakville (Oakville) are lakefront communities, and Halton has invested significant funding into a Regional Parks program, boating/sailing is considered synonymous with Halton. Fiscally viable and sustainable harbours and recreational boating, along with a vibrant waterfront within Halton is important from a quality of life perspective and aligns with the community values of many residents.

June 15, 2014 Recreational Boating Feasibility and Capacity Study - Staff Report
June 2014 Recreational Boating Feasibility and Capacity Study - Phase 1 (pdf)
December 5, 2013 Recreational Boating Feasibility and Capacity Study presentation (pdf)

Phase 2

We look to initiate the second phase in the Fall of 2014.