Sediment Management Strategy

Boating accessibility and the safe operations of our harbours is dependent upon measuring and controlling the levels of sediment deposits within Oakville's creek mouths. In 2014, a study was undertaken to determine the source of the sediments as well as to explore various options and strategies for controlling and extracting sediments within the harbours.

Prior to the Sediment Management Strategy Study (pdf), dredging operations occurred every seven years in Bronte Harbour and every ten years in Oakville Harbour. Study findings suggested adopting a maintenance-based dredging program. This program requires that more frequent and targeted operations are implemented. Sediment dredging is now performed routinely based on annual and seasonal studies of the harbour sediment material and creek-bed depth to allow for continued and safe recreational boating.

The executive summary (pdf) of the report provides more information on the study's findings.

Background reports and presentations

Sediment Management Strategy Study - Staff Report (pdf).
Sediment Management Strategy Study Presentation I - Open House, October 2013 (pdf).
Sediment Management Strategy Study Presentation II - Open House, March 2014 (pdf).