Subsidy Programs

The Town of Oakville works to ensure that all residents have the opportunity to access programs and services offered by the Recreation and Culture department regardless of age, ability or financial need.

Recreation Connection

Under the Recreation Connection program, financial assistance is available based on total net income of all family members and the number of people in your household.

Once your application is received and approved, you will receive an account and registration information letter. Each eligible family member on your application will receive a credit of $300 which is valid for one year. You may apply for and receive the credit once per year.

Applications for Recreation Connection will be ongoing throughout the year. The first day of each customer's 12-month enrolment period will be the date their credit is added to their account.

Where can I submit my Recreation Connection application?

Recreation Connection applications can be submitted (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) at the following locations: Glen Abbey Community Centre, Iroquois Ridge Community Centre, Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, Recreation and Culture Department at Town Hall, River Oaks Community Centre, and Sixteen Mile Sports Complex.

To qualify for the Recreation Connection program, the applicant must:

  1. Be a resident of Oakville;
  2. Have a total net individual or combined family income below LICO (Low Income Cut-Offs);
  3. Provide recent official documentation that shows total family net income, and proof that all dependents are the legal responsibility of the adult and reside in the adult’s household, using one or more of the following original statements/documents:
  • Notice of Assessment form (T451) – required for all family members over 18 years of age without dependents
  • Canada Child Tax Benefit Notice – required when the application includes dependents under 18 years of age

NEW! Income verification is not a requirement for refugees who are eligible to apply for Recreation Connection within the first year of receiving the following documents:

  • Confirmation of Permanent Residency (received at airport for each individual), OR if available, the Government of Canada Permanent Resident Card.
  • Proof of residency in Oakville (recent utility bill, lease agreement, driver’s license).

Dependents under the age of 18 cannot apply as individuals. A parent or legal guardian must complete an application on their behalf. If your child is receiving recreation referral assistance funds, other than Child Care Fee Subsidy from Halton Region, they are not eligible for the Recreation Connection program. Full-time, post-secondary students are not eligible for the Recreation Connection program.

Maximum qualifying income

Family size — current dollars
1 person — $20,952
2 persons — $26,082
3 persons — $32,065
4 persons — $38,931
5 persons — $44,154
6 persons — $49,800
7 persons or more — $55,444

Applications for fee assistance can be made at designated Town of Oakville community centres or Town Hall and must be done in person, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

A specific appointment time is not necessary, however, may be arranged by phoning the applicable location. Applicants are required to provide the following documentation:

  • Completed Recreation Connection application form, available online, at any recreation facility, or by mail;
  • Proof of residency in Oakville (recent utility bill, lease agreement, driver’s license);
  • Proof of total family net income and legal responsibility for all dependents listed on the application.

Town of Oakville Recreation and Culture staff will forward all eligible applications to Town Hall for processing. This will take up to seven business days, approximately. A welcome letter will be provided with registration information.

Once the credit has been applied to your account, you will be able to register in programs of your choice: online, in person at Town Hall, or by mail, fax and drop-off. All conditions related to recreation and culture programs including transfers, membership changes, withdrawals and missed classes apply.

Programs and services that are ineligible for fee assistance include:

  • Library programs
  • Facility rentals
  • Single admission (pay-as-you-go)
  • Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts show tickets
  • Material fees and concession items

What is LICO?

Statistics Canada uses the term Low Income Cut-Off or LICO. Essentially LICO is a statistical number that defines where financial assistance is required. It is based on where you live, the size of your family and income. LICO is used to determine eligibility in assistance programs by most municipalities that run programs like Recreation Connection.

Can I use my credit towards my child’s activities?

Your individual credit cannot be transferred to other family members or individuals.

Can I use some of my own funds along with my credit to pay for a program?

You have the option to either use the credit to cover the full program or membership cost or to pay a portion yourself using an accepted payment method. This can only be done when registering in person.

Can I carry over my credit to the next year?

The credit has no real cash value. Any refunds from cancelled or withdrawn programs will be returned to your account as a credit. Any unused credits remaining at the end of your enrolment period cannot be carried over or transferred to another individual or family member or redeemed for cash.

Once my credit is used up can I receive more?

You are eligible to reapply for the program once per year if you continue to meet all of the eligibility criteria. Applications submitted prior to the renewal date will not be accepted.

Canadian Tire JumpStart

Canadian Tire JumpStart is a community-based charitable program that helps children in financial need participate in organized sports and recreation. There are two funding periods: spring/summer and fall/winter.

Fee subsidies

Fee subsidies for recreational activities operated by the town are offered through:

  • Child Care Program
  • Ontario Works Program

The Town of Oakville has a purchased service agreement with the Halton Region's Children's Services department. A number of Town of Oakville camp programs are eligible for Child Care Fee subsidy under this agreement.

For more information about these programs, visit the Halton Region website.

For more information and applications for subsidy programs, contact registration staff at 905-338-4250.

Donation Requests

The Recreation and Culture department supports giving back to the community and does so by promoting active living through recreational opportunities. Eligible groups may request one donation from the following options: three-month family swim/skate pass; individual drop-in passes; or three-month full fitness membership. Request a donation for your special event or fundraiser.