Average Household Income

Target: We are monitoring this community indicator.
Current: 2019 average household income — Oakville $188,997; Halton $155,144; Ontario $109,660. We are collecting data.

Average Household Income


Why is this important?

We are interested in the average household income in Oakville because it provides an indication of the financial well-being of our residents. This is important to the economic health of businesses and service providers operating in Oakville, as well as business owners considering a location in Oakville.

How is this measured?

We monitor the average household income of Oakville residents and track annual changes in current year dollars. We also compare Oakville’s result with that of Halton Region and the province of Ontario. Demographic estimates are provided to us by Environics Analytics. Please note that the methodology for data collection and analysis may change annually.

What progress are we making?

We monitor the average household income of Oakville residents as it relates to the health of the local economy. Average household incomes in Oakville have consistently been above regional and provincial incomes.

In 2019, the average household income in current year dollars for Oakville is $188,997; in Halton Region it is $155,144 and in the province of Ontario it is $109,660.

Page last updated: December 2019

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