Number of Road Collisions

Target: We are monitoring this community indicator.
Current: 1416 collisions on roads under town authority. Data as of October 31, 2019.

Total Road Collisions per Year


Why is this important?

Road safety is an important part of a livable community that affects everyone, not just drivers, passengers, commuters, pedestrians and cyclists.

A number of factors can influence road safety including: weather conditions, driver attention and adherence to traffic laws, traffic volume and obstacles and detours related to construction. While we can’t prevent all collisions, we can make sure the town’s roads are in a state of good repair, traffic signals are working properly and efficiently, and traffic signs are clearly visible to motorists.

How is this measured?

Traffic collision data is collected by Halton Regional Police Services. Reports are provided to Halton Region (Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Halton Hills).

In Oakville, we track traffic collisions on roads under our authority. Regional roads such as Trafalgar Road or Upper Middle Road are the responsibility of Halton Region.

We use a software package called TES to track our traffic collision data. It allows us to measure, compare and report on the annual number of traffic collisions on Town of Oakville roads.

What progress are we making?

The town uses collision data including history, vehicle speeds and number of vehicles when reviewing intersections and roadways to determine if changes or improvements are required, such as all-way stop signs at intersections. Collision data will also be reviewed as part of the town’s Pedestrian Safety Program study, to determine where new controlled pedestrian crossing locations could be installed.

Page last updated: February 2020

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