Open Data

The town is committed to being open, accessible and accountable. We’ve joined municipalities around the world by proactively opening up our data to see what’s possible when government and the community collaborate.

Group of people on computers

Group of people on computers

Open Data Portal

Our open data portal offers users of our datasets more ways to interact with and easily download the data.

ISO 37120 Platinum Certified logo

ISO 37120 Platinum Certified logo

Oakville is ISO 37120 Platinum Certified!

The town has achieved the World Council on City Data’s ISO 37120 Sustainable Development of Communities: Indicators for City Services and Quality of Life Platinum Certification.

The ISO 37120 standard covers a set of 100 indicators to measure a community’s performance and progress in delivering services and ensuring quality of life for its citizens. Visit the World Council on City Data website to see how Oakville’s performance compares to other world-class cities.

World Council on City Data News release

Open data licence

You are encouraged to use the information that is available under our open data licence.


Open data procedure

This procedure establishes the framework for making our data public in support of the town’s commitment to open, transparent and accountable government.


What is open data?

Open data is information that is available in a format that can be read by a computer, and is made available for anyone to use, transform or republish without restriction.


News and updates

Stay informed about the latest updates to the open data catalogue.


Open Data Creations

Check out how our community has used our open data.