Animal Control

The town’s Animal Control By-law regulates the keeping of pets and other animals within the town.

Dogs must be on a leash at all times when on public property, as per Parks Bylaw 2013-013 and Animal Control Bylaw 2018-006. Dogs off-leash is a ticketable offence that pre-dates COVID-19 emergency protocols.

Violators can be fined a minimum of $300 and maximum of up to $100,000 for each offence. To report a violation, please call ServiceOakville at 905-845-6601 and a by-law enforcement officer will be dispatched to follow up.

Animal Control By-law

The town updated its Animal Control By-law, updated in June 2018, regulates the keeping of pets and other animals within the town. It provides regulations for pets at large, leash requirements, and standards of care. It sets out what animals residents can have in their homes and limits the number of pets per household.


There are various areas of town where coyotes are present. To learn more about coyotes, please visit the Coyote page.

Report information on our online coyote reporting form. This can be used to report an encounter with a coyote, observed feeding of coyotes by people or overflowing organic waste materials on public property.

The town's coyote hazing video explains what to do if you encounter a coyote on your property, and shows you how to haze them to scare them away safely.

Animal control services

Animal control services, including the enforcement of the animal control by-law, are provided by the Oakville & Milton Humane Society. Animal control services include:

  • Pick up of stray animals
  • Removal of dead wildlife on town property including town roads
  • Removal of dead animals on regional roads
  • Enforcement of leash requirements
  • Investigating animal welfare concerns
  • Responding to biting and aggressive dog concerns
Dog barking

Dog barking

A resident must obtain a dog licence seven days from the date they become a dog owner or seven days from the date they move to Oakville if they already own a dog. The Oakville identification tag must be affixed at all times. 

Licences may be purchased from:

  • the Oakville & Milton Humane Society. Complete the online form or print and send it in by mail or fax.
  • the ServiceOakville counter at Town Hall, 1225 Trafalgar Road, Oakville

Licences are valid for one year from the date of purchase and must be renewed annually before expiration. Failure to purchase and renew your licence could result in a fine.

Dog licence fees

Spayed/Neutered - $30 per dog*

Not Spayed/Neutered - $60 per dog*

Replacement Tag - $5

Proof of spay/neuter must be provided on first application

*A reduction of 50 per cent of these fees is available to senior citizens (age 65 or older) on proof of age.

Cats do not require a licence, however, every cat owner must ensure that his/her cat is identified by:

  • a collar on which the owner's name and address are permanently inscribed;
  • a microchip; or
  • an Oakville & Milton Humane Society cat tag.

The animal control by-law sets out the following maximum number of dogs and cats a person can keep in a premises in Oakville:

  • Three dogs over six months of age;
  • any combination of six dogs or cats, to a maximum of three dogs (dogs over six months of age, cats over three months of age).

Prohibited animals: See Schedule A of the animal control by-law for a list of animals that are prohibited within the town.

Restricted animals: A maximum of two restricted animals may be kept in a dwelling in Oakville. Restricted animals are:

  • mice
  • rabbits
  • gerbils
  • ferrets
  • hamsters
  • guinea pigs
  • other rodentia which do not exceed 1500 grams and are derived from a self-sustaining captive population.

Pigeons: No person shall keep more than one pigeon unless the person provides or maintains suitable lofts or cages and unless the person is a member in good standing of a recognized pigeon club which has, as its sole purpose, the racing or showing of pigeons.

Animals in Oakville must be provided with a clean, sanitary environment and adequate care that meets the physical and behavioural needs of the animal, such as food, water, shelter, warmth, light, adequate ventilation, physical exercise, and veterinary care.

Running at large:

Dogs and cats are not permitted to be at large – meaning they are not permitted to be straying or roaming off the owner’s property.

Leash requirements:

Dogs must be on a leash at all times unless on the owner’s property or at a designated leash-free dog park.

Dog excrement:

Excrement left by your dog on any property, including your own property, must be picked up and disposed of in a proper refuse receptacle.

Biting dogs:

Any dog that bites or attacks a person or domestic animal may be declared a biting or potentially dangerous dog.

Barking dogs:

Dogs that disturb an individual’s peace and quiet by barking or howling are monitored by the Town of Oakville. Complaints may be made to ServiceOakville at 905-845-6601.

Leash-free dog parks are fully fenced areas where owners are allowed to have up to two dogs off-leash at a time. They are self-funded by dog walking groups and operate year round, seven days a week from dawn to dusk.


For more information or to report an animal control concern, please contact:

Oakville & Milton Humane Society
445 Cornwall Road
Oakville, Ontario
L6J 7S8