Community Energy Planning

Oakville's Energy Task Force was formed in 2018 and comprises a team of community leaders from local businesses, government, utilities, schools and community groups to advise and champion a community energy planning and implementation process for Oakville.

At a special Council meeting on February 25 2020, Council made an historic leap forward in taking action on climate change by unanimously endorsing the Oakville Energy Task Force’s Community Energy Strategy (pdf).

The Strategy directly supports Council’s climate emergency declaration by providing clear and achievable goals to significantly lower community greenhouse gas emissions and improve our overall energy efficiency while strengthening the local economy.

Oakville's Energy Task Force

Oakville's Energy Task Force

What community energy planning means to you

Community energy planning and implementation helps the town, residents and businesses work together to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions while strengthening the local economy and building an affordable and reliable energy future.

The ultimate goal is to help us as a community:

  • use energy more efficiently and reduce waste
  • reduce energy costs
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • create more opportunities to attract businesses and jobs
  • increase the security of our energy supply
  • enhance our resiliency to climate change

Did you know?

How much do we spend on energy in Oakville?


Per cent of money spent on energy


Total of $620 million!

At least $500 million leaves our community.

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