Corporate Energy Management

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

The Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan is the framework for energy management within the town operations.

The plan was developed in consultation with key departments: Facilities and Construction Management, Recreation and Culture, Roads and Works, Environmental Policy and Finance departments among others, in order to integrate energy management across the entire corporation.

Open the Town of Oakville Conservation and Demand Management Plan 2014–2019 (pdf)

Corporate Energy Reduction Target

The town's energy conservation target is to achieve a 15% reduction of 2012 baseline energy consumption by 2019.

Green Energy Act Municipal Reporting

In accordance with provincial regulation all public agencies including municipalities must report annual energy use at their facilities.

Annual Municipal Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data

All of the town's annual energy use data can be downloaded from the Open Data Catalogue in a CSV file format.

Hardcopies of the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions data are available at Town Hall (1225 Trafalgar Road).