Flood Mitigation Opportunities Study for Fourteen Mile and McCraney Creek Systems

The Town of Oakville is carrying out a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment evaluate mitigation and flood reduction options for Fourteen Mile Creek and McCraney Creek from Lake Ontario to Dundas Street. The study, which began in 2011, is being completed at a master plan level and is nearing completion, having detailed information of creek flood-prone sites and recommended options to help mitigate flood risk in these areas. These options include a long list and short list of flood mitigation measures that have been evaluated on feasibility and flood reduction potential. These options have been narrow down to the following preliminary preferred solutions:

  • culvert/bridge upgrades – replace/supplement at select creek crossings
  • flood proofing buildings through the use of flood protection berms
  • flow diversions
  • flood control via stormwater storage measures
  • combination of measures above

Next steps include finalizing the Master Plan and initiating site specific studies for the preferred solutions through the Class Environmental Assessment process. Timing will be subject to budget approval and other town-wide priorities.

In November of 2013 and December of 2014 two public meetings were held to give an opportunity for the public to review and discuss this project.