Renewable Energy

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy, also referred to as clean or alternative energy, is electricity produced from renewable sources with a lower impact on the environment and our health. This includes power generated by wind, geothermal, solar, biomass and low-impact hydro-electric sources that produce little or no noxious emissions. Additionally, landfill gas collection traps methane gas to use as fuel to generate electricity with minimal emissions. Alternative energy is used to replace non-renewable sources of energy production such as coal, nuclear and natural gas.

Town of Oakville Renewable Energy Generation

Town Facility Solar Photovoltaic Installations

The town has installed solar PV on four town facilities including Town Hall, Glen Abbey Community Centre, River Oaks Community Centre and Sixteen Mile Sports Complex. In total these installations produce approximately 1 MW of energy.

Town Facility Geothermal Installation

The town has installed a high-efficiency vertical geothermal bore field system (a network of pipes, pumps, and hoses) in the LEED certified Oakville Transit building.

Oakville Community Renewable Energy Installations

Since 2010, twenty-seven IESO Feed-in-Tariff solar rooftop projects have been installed on commercial and industrial buildings in Oakville. This equates to a total of 7 MW of solar energy generation.

To learn about installing alternative energy systems in your home or business, and for more information, visit the following links:

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