Greening Your Event

All events taking place on town property must incorporate environmental considerations to minimize negative impacts on the environment. This includes reduction and diversion of waste generated, water and energy conservation and the promotion of active transportation in getting to and from events.

The Town of Oakville has adopted a Towards Zero Waste procedure in its day-to-day operations as well as event planning and execution. The Town of Oakville and Halton Region have put programs in place to help event organizers reduce the waste produced at events, and divert organics and recyclables from the landfill. Please use the information below to help green your event.

Before the event

Waste management

Guidelines for Halton Region to provide waste diversion services to community events
Outlines services provided by Halton Region to public community events.

Resources guide
Helps event organizers plan for the purchase of acceptable food packaging, dishware, cups and cutlery.

Request form for waste services
Request Halton Region provide waste receptacles, posters, signage and pick up of collected materials.

Please note the request form must be submitted at least six weeks before the event date for the event to be considered for service. If you are planning multiple events in a year, a request form is required for each individual event.

Waste posters (available in different languages) – Provides information Blue Box and GreenCart acceptable materials.


Water Bar
The town offers a portable water bar for use at events. Fill out a request form (pdf) four to six weeks in advance of your event and email it to

  • Remind people to bring their own reusable water bottles to your event
  • Reusable water bottle sales or give-aways – be careful not to just create more waste

Blue W

Use the BlueW website and smart phone application to find clean, free public and commercial sources near your event to fill your reusable bottle.

Renewable energy

Bullfrog Power

Getting to/from the event

Promote alternative modes of travel to and from the event such as walking, biking or public transit, promote carpooling or provide a shuttle bus to and from the location.

Oakville’s Cycle, Walk map
Oakville Transit
WalkScore – see how walkable the location of your event is
Bike rack rentals

During the event

For information on using waste volunteers at your event and tips to reduce contamination – please refer to “Best Practices” in Guidelines for Halton Region to Provide Waste Diversion Services to Community Events.

After the event

  1. Address contamination issues and sort as much as you can prior to Halton Region's pick up.
  2. Create a plan for how you can reduce contamination at your next event.
  3. Waste pick-up — refer to "The collection of waste material" in Guidelines for Halton Region to Provide Waste Diversion Services to Community Events to find waste collection options.
  4. Please remember to leave the site better than you found it.
  5. Water bar pick-up — Make sure the water bar is picked up. Do not leave it unattended.