The Town of Oakville owns over eight kilometres of Lake Ontario shoreline within its borders, offering recreation, attractive views, and access to the lake for its residents. However, natural processes such as wave action, winds, rainfall and other factors can put our shoreline at risk. This can cause damage to existing shoreline protection, reduce water quality, and cause a loss of property and natural habitat. The town is committed to protect and preserve its shoreline, while helping to enhance natural habitat. By doing this, the town is able to help contribute to a sustainable waterfront community!

Shoreline Inventory and Assessment Study

An inventory and assessment of town-owned shoreline property was completed by the town in 2006, 2008 and 2011. An updated shoreline inventory and assessment is currently underway and will provide details on the condition of shoreline features and existing protection works. This study will help the town prioritize future shoreline construction and rehabilitation projects.

Shoreline Inventory and Assessment Studies:

Current shoreline construction and rehabilitation projects​