Stormwater Master Plan

Planning ahead so that Oakville is always rain ready!

For fifty years, the town has had a stormwater system in place—and we’ve made a lot of progress! To build on this progress and ensure a long-term vision for stormwater management, we are developing a Stormwater Master Plan called Be rain ready.

This plan is especially essential because there has been an increase in extreme rain in Southwestern Ontario. To protect residents from flooding while also preserving our natural environment, the master plan will help guide us towards a rain ready Oakville:

  • The town will have immediate and long-term action steps to continually enhance our approach to stormwater management and address climate change issues.
  • Oakville residents will have important tips for how to reduce the risk of flooding on their property.

This project will be rolled out in three phases:

  1. Phase 1 (completed in 2015): Assessed the condition of the existing stormwater system and collected background data
  2. Phase 2 (now underway): Assessing the performance of the existing stormwater system to identify opportunities to decrease flood risk
  3. Phase 3 (Summer of 2017): Developing and assessing funding strategies to implement the plan

So what’s the plan for developing the plan?

The most important part of developing the plan is you! We are currently working on Phase 2 of the plan where we are assessing how the town currently manages stormwater to identify gaps and opportunities so that as the town grows and the climate changes, we will be rain ready!


We continue to seek input and feedback, please email your questions or comments to:

Kristina Parker
Water Resources Engineer
Development Engineering
905-845-6601 ext. 3889

You can also follow the town on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll keep you informed — be sure to check back!

For details on the town’s stormwater management visit our Stormwater Management page.