Special Event Sponsorship and Partnership Program

The Town of Oakville delivers a wide variety of high-quality, family-friendly, public events each year. These events take place throughout the town’s various indoor and outdoor cultural, recreational, and open spaces, and attract more than 100,000 attendees each year.

Among the town's most popular events are:

In order to ensure the ongoing success of each of the town’s community events, a variety of corporate and community sponsorship and partnership opportunities are made available that allow community partners to maximize their visibility and impact in the community.

For more information on sponsoring or partnering with a town event, please contact 905-845-6601, ext. 3829 or events@oakville.ca.

The Corporation of the Town of Oakville considers the use of sponsorship revenue to offset the costs of delivering community events. All sponsorships, shall be consistent with the town's vision, mission and values and will not compromise or contradict any by-law or policy of the town, or reflect negatively on the town's integrity or public image. Please review the town's Corporate Grants, Sponsorship, Naming Rights and Advertising Sales Policy (Policy A-GEN-001) for related information and procedures.

Engaging in a sponsorship or partnership with the Town of Oakville is a great way to connect with Oakville residents, the Oakville community and support the town’s free public events.

Event sponsorship

Is the financial contribution by a company, individual or organization, to an event or program in exchange for brand exposure through the event’s various marketing and communication channels. An event sponsorship may include the event featuring the sponsor’s logo on its posters, t-shirts, website or other communications material.

Event partnership

Is the development of an affiliation between the partner’s brand/product and the event, that achieves mutually-advantageous goals. An event partnership may involve a local performing arts group hosting a performance as part of a town event, where the group gains audience exposure in exchange for offering a complimentary performance. Another example of an event partnership may involve a local business giving away branded reusable water bottles for use at the event’s water refill station, where the company gains brand exposure in exchange for helping the event decrease its environmental impact. The town also considers Event Partnerships as in-kind sponsorships.

Each event offers its own selection of unique and valuable sponsorship and partnership opportunities. Among the opportunities available each year for the events listed above are:

  • Title sponsor (sponsor name integrated into the event’s title)
  • Presenting sponsor (event acknowledged as being “Presented by…”)
  • Associate sponsor (various opportunities for logo integration and co-branded marketing)
  • Programming partner (partner to deliver workshops/performances)
  • Materials partner (partner to provide branded materials required by the event)

Have your own sponsorship or partnership idea?

The Town of Oakville would be happy to work with you to further customize event sponsorship and partnership opportunities that meet your organization’s goals.

For more information on sponsoring or partnering with a town event, please contact 905-845-6601, ext. 3829 or events@oakville.ca.