Competency Framework

One of the hallmarks of a successful organization is its ability to employ a high-performing workforce that demonstrates the right competencies to meet strategic objectives and drive results. The Town of Oakville has a developed a competency-based framework and dictionary to provide employees with an understanding of the competencies (behaviours and skills) required to do their job successfully, and to support the town’s Strategic Plan and Corporate Management Framework (“the House”).

Our citizen surveys and You Matter surveys tell us that we are a great place, with great people, doing great things. This framework will help us continue to meet this track record of success.

Our competency-based framework is more than a list of skills and behaviours expected by the town. It helps the town ensure employees are hired, developed, evaluated, promoted and managed according to a defined set of competencies.

The Town of Oakville’s competency-based framework:

  • serves as a valuable tool for employees and managers throughout the TOPS process
  • identifies priorities for inclusion in learning and professional development curriculum
  • supports decisions about recruitment, reward and recognition, and career management
  • supports self-initiated professional development

What's in it for me?

Our competency-based framework will be used by all staff across the organization. You, your supervisor/manager and Human Resources staff will refer to the framework regularly for support and guidance with learning and professional development, reward and recognition, performance management, career and talent management and performance reviews (TOPS).

In your performance review process (TOPS) for example, your objectives will set out “what” you need to achieve over the year. Our competency model will set out “how” you need to work to achieve those objectives. You are encouraged to discuss the framework with your manager/supervisor to identify the competencies that apply most to your position’s role, responsibilities and career management.

What are competencies?

Competencies are defined as knowledge, skills, judgment and behaviours required to effectively achieve your best as a member of the Town of Oakville team. The Competency Framework Guide (pdf) defines the competencies for each of our seven non-union job levels — CAO, commissioner, director, manager, supervisor, professional and individual contributor.

For each competency, there is a description of what it means in practice, as well as examples of effective skills and behaviours for each level. Statements highlighted with a check mark denote behaviours that Oakville’s senior management team identified as critical to the position level.

The competencies are organized into four core competency areas. Please note that there is a slight variation at the individual contributor level.

At the manager and professional levels:

Strategic thinking - Innovating through analysis and ideas

Engagement - Mobilizing people, organizations, partners

Managing excellence - Delivering through action management, people management, financial management

Accountability and respect - Serving with integrity and respect

At the individual contributor level:

Strategic thinking - Innovating through analysis and ideas

Engagement - Working effectively with people, organizations, partners

Exellence through results - Delivering through own work, relationships and responsibilities

Accountability and respect - Serving with integrity and respect


You can review the entire Competency Framework Guide (pdf) or by level:

CAO (pdf)
Commissioner (pdf)
Director (pdf)
Manager (pdf)
Supervisor (pdf)
Professional Supervisor (pdf)
Admin Support Supervisor (pdf)
Professional (pdf)
Individual contributor (pdf)