Work and Life

At the Town of Oakville, we understand the challenge of maintaining a positive and healthy balance between personal, work and family life. We also recognize the role that both the employee and the workplace play in contributing to a positive work experience. As a result, we provide a wide range of supportive resources, information and assistance to employees.

The programs and policies found in this section help promote a healthy and well-balanced workplace for the employees at the Town of Oakville. Work/life balance and healthy tips can be found at the following sites:

CMHA Work/Life Balance Quiz
Health Canada

Flexible Work Arrangements

Like many leading organizations, the Town of Oakville supports work/life balance and encourages flexibility in employee work arrangements and scheduled hours of work whenever possible. Implementing schedule and location flexibility can be beneficial for both managers and employees. It can improve work/life balance for staff, provide greater flexibility for departments in addressing operational and customer needs, and potentially lead to a greener commute.

Work/life balance is highly personal. It can mean different things to different people at different stages of their lives. Individual priorities may range from juggling family responsibilities, contributing to the community, maintaining health and wellbeing, studying, transitioning to retirement as well as participating in leisure activities. The town offers the following FWA options:

  • Compressed Work Week (CWW)
  • Flex Time
  • Telecommuting
  • Reduced Work Week (non-union only)
  • Job Sharing (non-union only) — in development and will be available at a later date

Employees interested in a flexible work arrangement (FWA) should discuss their particular needs with their manager. FWA have to make sense from an operational and customer service perspective. They also must adhere to all collective agreements. As such, not all positions or employees are suited to a FWA.

Employees are not permitted to have more than one flexible work arrangement at the same time. Consideration may be given for exceptional circumstances on a time-limited basis with Commissioner approval.

The following are FWA tools and forms that you should review when thinking about a FWA. Employees can also find these forms on Portico where they can electronically complete and save the forms.

Tools and information

FWA Policies and Procedures
Information Guide (pdf)
Quick Guide (pdf)
Self-Assessment (pdf)

FWA proposal forms

Compressed Work Week (pdf)
Flex Time (pdf)
Telecommuting (pdf)
Reduced Work Week (pdf)

Follow-up forms

FWA Assessment (pdf)
Formal Review (pdf)

For further information please speak with your manager or human resources consultant.

Respectful and supportive workplace

The Town of Oakville is committed to providing a work environment that is free of personal harassment and workplace conflict and supportive of the productivity, dignity and self-esteem of every employee. The town's provides an outline of everyone's responsibilities and what to do if you feel you have a complaint.

Employees are encouraged to speak with their supervisor or human resources consultant if they have a concern to determine the appropriate next steps.

After speaking with their supervisor or human resources consultant the employee would like to proceed with filing a formal complaint, the employee should complete and submit a Respectful Conduct Reporting Form (pdf).


The Town of Oakville is committed to providing residents, employees and visitors an environment that is respectful and supportive. Everyone needs to work together to promote respect and responsibility, improving the safety, appearance and environment of our community. The town's R-Zone procedure outlines how to ensure our facilities and services are positive and respectful.

Childcare and Family Services

Helping employees obtain quality childcare or eldercare is an important part of the town's overall goal of providing staff with the opportunity to balance work and life.

Finding Appropriate Childcare and Eldercare

Quality childcare is obviously an important part of your well-being at work. Finding the right solution for your childcare needs starts with knowing where to look for guidance and what to look for in a childcare arrangement. Halton Region provides many helpful services, including a registry of current vacancies and subsidies for which you could be eligible. Halton Region can be reached by dialing 311.

Halton Region provides a number of services for seniors and older adults, including housing programs, day programs and long-term care. You will find many resources that can assist you in finding the right care for your loved one.

The town's employee assistance provider Shepell.fgi also has valuable resources and tools and can help with finding appropriate childcare and eldercare.

Employee assistance program

The Town of Oakville is committed to the health and well-being of its employees and their families and understands that we all face problems at some time in our lives. Usually we can cope with these problems or solve them ourselves. However, sometimes problems become too difficult for us to manage on our own. We may need assistance, advice or someone who will listen.

To assist employees and their families, the Town of Oakville provides free, confidential 24/7 access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Shepell.fgi. Shepell.fgi provides direct access to experienced professionals who can help you solve all kinds of problems and challenges in your life - before they affect your health, family life or job performance. Shepell.fgi can help you:

Achieve well-being

Depression - stress - anxiety - anger - crisis situations - life transitions

Manage relationships and family

Separation and divorce - eldercare - relationship conflict - parenting - blended family issues

Find child and eldercare resources

Maternity and parental leave - adoption - childcare services - schooling - adult day programs - nursing and retirement homes

Get financial guidance

Credit and debt management - budgeting - bankruptcy - financial emergencies - changing circumstances

Deal with workplace challenges

Work-life balance - conflict - career planning - bullying and harassment

Tackle addiction

Alcohol - tobacco - drugs - gambling - other addictions - post-recovery support

Improve nutrition

Weight management - boost energy and resilience - high cholesterol - high blood pressure - diabetes - heart disease

To access services, please call 1-800-387-4765. Online tools and resources can be found at Shepell.fgi or contact the Health, Safety and Wellness Consultant.


The Town of Oakville Wellness Program fosters and promotes wellness for employees and their families. Throughout the year, the town provides a variety of wellness activities, events and information sessions that encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.

Activities have included:

  • Lunch And Learn Events and other lunch time and after work activities
  • Wellness Fair
  • "Healthy You" Assessments
  • Annual Flu Shot Clinics

Wellness activities are promoted throughout the Town of Oakville and all employees are welcome to participate. If you have an idea for a wellness activity, please contact the town's Health, Safety and Wellness consultant.