Employee Recognition Program

We created the town's employee recognition program as a way for all of us to celebrate and recognize staff for their dedication and outstanding contributions to the success of the town's overall mission, vision and values.

Our program has four key components including:

CAO Awards
Service Awards
Staff Appreciation Event
Informal Recognition

CAO Awards

Our employees are the heart of this corporation. Regardless of where you work and what you do, our overall success is a result of your dedication to our vision, mission and values.

The annual CAO Awards is our chance to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of fellow employees who go above and beyond expectation for the organization and our community.

Each and every day, employees strive for excellence in their daily work and interactions with colleagues and customers, to bring innovation to the town and provide exceptional customer service. Nominate these staff!

A nomination makes all the difference to a person being recognized, and takes just moments to do. This event gives us the opportunity to recognize staff achievements. Think about the people you’ve seen that go the extra mile to represent the town and share that story with us.

Nominees should exemplify the town's values of accountability, dedication, honesty, innovation, respect and teamwork. Review our CAO Awards brochure for more details.

Nominations will be announced in April. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony in May!

Award categories:


Presented to an employee who advances corporate and/or departmental initiatives through exemplary leadership. The recipient has an outstanding work ethic and strives to improve communications, motivation and morale within his/her department.

Customer Service

Presented to an employee or team who continually provides exceptional service over and above their normal job responsibilities. The recipient goes the extra mile to meet client needs.

Innovative Solutions

Presented to an employee or team who demonstrates innovation by using data/information to improve service delivery or to achieve savings or efficiencies. The recipient(s) is committed to achieving the best project outcome possible by gathering and analyzing data and summarizing it into useful information that led to clear measureable goals and solutions.


Presented to a core team that demonstrates a distinguished level of excellence and/or dedication in executing a corporate or departmental assignment, project or event. The recipient team works collaboratively to lead, plan, implement or transform a project, and thinks creatively to solve problems.

Executive Management Team Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence is a distinct award selected by the CAO and Executive Management Team. It is presented to recognize an employee or team whose contribution has furthered the town's goals in an exceptional way.

Service awards

Employees who've dedicated milestone years of service to the town deserve special recognition and thanks for their contributions.

Employees who reach 20, 25 and 30 years of service are recognized at our annual Long Service Awards event in the fall each year. Employees who retire from the town each year are also celebrated at this event.

Employees who have worked with the town for 5, 10 or 15 years are recognized through informal activities within their own departments.

Staff appreciation event

This an annual event celebrates and rewards all Town of Oakville employees Lunch, games and activities provide an opportunity for staff to enjoy a break from their daily routine to relax and socialize with colleagues.

Informal recognition

Our program's informal component includes 5, 10 and 15 year service milestone celebrations, and various departmental recognition initiatives.

Acknowledging day-to-day accomplishments and positive attitudes in the workplace is another key component of informal recognition which fosters a culture of mutual recognition, and encourages us to take pride in our work. We all like to be thanked and congratulated for a job well-done.

Anyone can recognize a fellow employee. Managers, commissioners, supervisors and co-workers are encouraged to appreciate each other's achievements. Informal recognition is as easy as a smile, a thank you note or a small token, and it can be given at any time.

To say thanks, we encourage you to use our free recognition cards and e-Cards, and browse some ideas below on how to recognize a fellow employee.

Informal recognition ideas

No Cost

  • Send a handwritten thank you card, check out the recognition cards available online
  • Swap a task with a co-worker for a day - his/her choice
  • Write a letter or email of praise recognizing specific contributions and accomplishments and send a copy to management
  • Send a letter to all team members at the conclusion of a project, thanking them for their participation
  • Establish a place to display memos, posters, photos and so on, recognizing progress towards goals
  • Recognize employees who actively serve the community
  • Say "thank you." Show your appreciation for their hard work and contributions. And, don't forget to say "please" often as well. Social niceties do belong at work.
  • Smile. It's contagious!

Minimal cost

  • Give a puzzle as a reward to a problem solver
  • Make a photo collage about a successful project that shows the people who worked on it, stages of development and its completion
  • Bring chocolate - chocolate anything!

If you come up with other recognition ideas, let us know and we'll post them to share with others!