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Join the Mayor and his panel of guests drawn from the community at large, for a lively discussion of key initiatives around town. Visit YourTV's website for daily programming and air times.


S4 Episode 1: Active Kids = Healthy Kids

Kids who are physically active at an early age are more likely to grow up to be healthy adults. The latest programs and information on keeping kids fit.

S4 Ep 1 Video

S4 Episode 2: Oakville’s Safety Net

What would you do if you found yourself without the resources you need to live? An overview of Oakville’s Safety Net with plenty of tips on how to connect with resources to get the help you need to get back on your feet.

S4 Ep 2 Video

S4 Episode 3: Downtown Oakville: Retail in the 21st Century

With the renewal of Lakeshore Road and the pressures of online shopping, what should local retailers be considering when adapting to ongoing change?

S4 Ep 3 Video

S4 Episode 4: Active Aging

Between 2001 and 2011, Oakville’s senior population grew by 35%. By 2031, one in six Halton residents will be over the age of 65. Optimizing opportunities for health and participation in the community are at the top of the list to ensure we enhance the quality of life for our seniors as they age.

S4 Ep 4 Video

S4 Episode 5: Improving Home Safety – An Update

A panel from Halton Regional Police Service share tips on home safety, phone scams, fraud and more.

S4 Ep 5 Video

S4 Episode 6: Spotlight on Oakville Enterprises Corporation

A look at the town-owned corporation.

S4 Ep 6 Video

S4 Episode 7: Strategies for Seasonal Mental Health

Winter is full of outdoor activities, celebrations and sports events, but it can also be a time of isolation, increased anxiety and depression. This episode features the programs and the people who help us cope with winter.

S4 Ep 7 Video

S4 Episode 8: Former Hospital Lands - An Update

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton hosts Janet Haslett-Theall, Joshua Creek Residents Association, Mark Simeoni, Oakville's Director of Planning
and Peter deRosa, Trafalgar Chartwell Residents Association.

S4 Ep 8 Video

S4 Episode 9: Community Safety & Wellbeing

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton discusses Halton’s Community Safety and Well Being Plan with Halton Police Sergeant Dave Tutte, Halton Region's Alex Sarchuk and Brent Kalinowski of Global Network for Community Safety.

S4 Ep 9 Video

S4 Episode 10: Hi-Tech Groundbreakers

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton talks technology with Adam Caromicoli, the founder of Indellient, Tom Hanson, the Chief Operating Officer of The Sky Guys and Adam Cegielski, the founder of Eyecarrot.

S4 Ep10 Video

S4 Episode 11: What's next for North Oakville?

In this episode, Oakville Mayor Rob Burton hosts Gabe Charles, Town of Oakville's Senior Manager of Current Planning and Urban Design, Kelly Amos, Ward 5 and 6 Halton District School Board Trustee, and Navjot Nanda, a North Oakville resident.

S4 Ep11 Video

S4 Episode 12: Action Plans for Ageing

In this episode, Oakville Mayor Rob Burton hosts Heather Thompson, Manager of Age-Friendly Initiatives of Community Development Halton, Daryl Kaytor, Housing Initiatives Advisor for Halton Region, and Susan Hyatt, the CEO & Founder of Silver Sherpa.

S4 E:12 Video

S4 Episode 13: Get Growing

In this episode, Oakville Mayor Rob Burton hosts Giuliana Casimirri, the Executive Director of Oakvillegreen Conservation Association,
Cathy Kavassalis, a Master Gardener with the Oakville Horticultural Society, and Mara McHaffie, the Stewardship Coordinator of Oakvillegreen Conservation Association.

S4 Ep13 Video

S4 Episode 14: Halton Victims Services Unit

In this episode, Oakville Mayor Rob Burton hosts Superintendent Jeff Hill and Victim Services Unit Administrator Kimberley Clark, both of the Halton Regional Police Service.

S4 Ep14 Video

S4 Episode 15: Avoiding Fraud

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton hosts Detective Constable Sarah Rudall, Constable Nadine Clarke of the Regional Community Mobilization Unit, and Detective Constable Mark Murray, all from Halton Regional Police Service, to discuss fraud safety.

S4 E15 Video

S4 Episode 16: Challenges for Small Charities

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton hosts Gary O’Neill, Executive Director of the Kerr Street Mission, Pamela Massaro, Executive Director of Oakville Kiwanis Meals on Wheels, and Don Pangman, Founder & Executive Director of Art House.

S4 Ep16 Video

S4 Episode 17: Affordable Housing

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton hosts Curt Benson, the Director of Planning Services and Chief Planning Official for the Halton Region, Peter DeRosa, Broker with RE/MAX Aboutowne Realty Corp. and Gary Gregoris, Senior Vice President of Land Operations for Mattamy Homes.

S4 Ep17 Video

S3 Episode 1: OMB Reform

The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs is undertaking a review of the Ontario Municipal Board, an independent tribunal responsible for hearing appeals on decisions related to land use planning including official plans, zoning by-laws and plans of subdivision.

S3 Ep 1 Video

S3 Episode 2: Community Safety and Well Being Plans

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton invites Inspector Nick Milinovich, Norm Taylor and Alex Sarchuk to discuss community Safety & Wellbeing Plans.

S3 Ep 2 Video

S3 Episode 3: The Value of Volunteers

Volunteers contribute their time, energy and talent, all in order to help their chosen organization fulfill its mission. They are a valuable resource many organizations couldn’t live without. We salute the value of volunteers.

S3 Ep 3 Video

S3 Episode 4: Downtown Oakville – An Update

As the plans for the downtown streetscape, construction and traffic changes take shape, it’s time to update residents.

S3 Ep 4 Video

S3 Episode 5: Oakville’s Eco Assets

Natural capital assets, green accounting and eco assets are all terms for a new movement afoot with municipalities across Canada. What’s ahead for Oakville?

S3 Ep 5 Video

S3 Episode 6: Refugee Resettlement – An Update

It’s been almost a year since Oakville started welcoming new immigrants from war-torn countries like Syria. What lessons have we learned? What success have we achieved? Where do we need to improve?

S3 Episode 6 Video

S3 Episode 7: Vital Solutions

About a year ago, we took a look at Oakville’s Vital Signs. It was a check up on our health as a community. A new initiative, led by the Oakville Community Foundation is underway. It’s the next step in bridging the equity gap and it’s called VITAL SOLUTIONS

S3 Ep 7 Video

S3 Episode 8: Future of the South Central Lands

With demolition of the old hospital on the horizon, it’s time to take a closer look at what the community would like to see on the land as it undergoes redevelopment.

S3 Ep 8 Video

S3 Episode 9: Residential Speeding. What’s the Hurry?

A look at programs and initiatives that may help residents and neighbourhood groups battle the need for speed.

S3 Ep 9 Video

S3 Episode 10: Halton Community Investment Fund

An overview of Halton’s community investment fund and the role it plays.

S3 Ep 10 Video

S3 Episode 11: Oakville’s Municipal Development Corporation

Municipalities often establish Municipal Development Corporations to oversee the sale/development of land assets owned by the municipality. What’s on the horizon for Oakville?

S3 Episode 12: Halton Region Poverty Roundtable

A close up look at a collaborative multi-sector group of volunteers committed to leveraging resources and partnerships to eliminate poverty in Halton.

S3 Ep 12 Video

S3 Episode 13: Human Trafficking

The latest information on the GTA’s war against human trafficking.

S3 Ep 13 Video

S3 Episode 14: Protecting Neighbourhood Character

The pressures of infill and new development are changing the look and feel of old, established neighbourhoods. How can we manage change and ensure that new development is respectful and compatible with established neighbourhoods?

S3 Episode 15: Oakville Arena – Then & Now

A look at history and the future of the historic Oakville Arena.

S3 Ep 15 Video

S3 Episode 16: Innovation in Oakville – First in a Series

An introduction to the groups and industry sectors who are driving innovation in Oakville.

S3 Ep 16 Video

S2 Episode 1: Bridging the gap to better mental health

Even though awareness and acceptance of mental health issues has increased, a gap still exists. Younger patients have more complex needs, our seniors continue to live with depression, anxiety, dementia and loneliness. Immigrant families face the additional challenges of cultural clashes, settlement stress and stigma. How are we bridging the gaps?

S 2 Ep 1 Video

S2 Episode 2: Oakville's role in resettlement

A look at the organizations and programs in place within the community that will help resettle newly-arrived refugee families.

S 2 Ep 2 Video

S2 Episode 3: Focus on Bronte Village

A look at the changing face of Bronte Village. Review of the Growth Plan and its latest suggestions. Preliminary thoughts on input for the Harbours Master Plan.

S 2 Ep 3 Video

S2 Episode 4: Improving Oakville's food security

It’s important for all of our residents to have access to affordable, safe, nutritious food. Unfortunately, we still fall short of that goal. What can we do to improve our food security? Are innovative programs part of the answer?

S 2 Ep 4 Video

S2 Episode 5: The Changing Face of Policing

A look at how Halton Police and other emergency services are adapting to confront modern challenges, and how healthcare professionals are working to support residents during crises.

S 2 Ep 5 Video

S2 Episode 6: Keeping Oakville Active

A look at a few local clubs that offer organized sports and athletics to keep Oakville healthy year 'round.

S 2 Ep 6 Video

S 2 Episode 7: The Greenbelt: What's Next?

Mayor Burton and the guest panel give an update on the Crombie Report, examine how its recommendations impact Oakville, and discuss ways we are working to help grow the Greenbelt.

S 2 Ep 7 Video

S2 Episode 8: Kids' Safety

Mayor Burton speaks with his guest panel on what kids need today to stay safe - not only on the streets and in the school yard, but at home alone, while they're on the internet, or when they're sharing information through digital media.

S2 Ep 8 Video

S2 Episode 9: Climate Change

Climate change isn't just about rising temperatures. It's about finding new ways to reduce energy usage, helping preserve waterways and habitat for wildlife, and taking a responsible role in disposing of pollutants that can harm the atmosphere.

S 2 Ep 9 Video

S2 Episode 10: Improving Home Security

What should we all know to help ourselves reduce break-ins and reduce the chances of being a target of fraud?

S 2 Ep 10 Video

S2 Episode 11: Your Oakville MP & MPP

The new federal MP for the riding of Oakville, John Oliver, joins Provincial Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn for a discussion with Mayor Burton.

S2 Ep 11 Video

S2 Episode 12: Your Oakville North-Burlington MP and Halton MPP

Oakville's new MP for the riding of Oakville North - Burlington, Pam Damoff, and MPP Indira Naidoo-Harris join Mayor Burton for a discussion of issues in Queen's Park, on Parliament Hill, and right here in Oakville.

S2 Ep 12 Video

S2 Episode 13: The Midtown Core

Slated by the Province as an "Urban Growth Centre" more than 10 years ago, what can we expect to see in Oakville's midtown in the years to come? Oakville Mayor Rob Burton and his guest panel discuss.

S2 Ep 13 Video

S2 Episode 14: Changing Neighbourhoods

Controlling growth and changing neighbourhoods is a priority for Council under the Livable Oakville Plan, but how are residents and Council able to protect established neighbourhoods? Oakville Mayor Rob Burton and his guest panel discuss.

S 2 Ep 14 Video

S2 Episode 15: Stable Neighbourhoods

The second part of our two-part series on changing neighbourhoods and our official plan, Mayor Burton and his guest panel discuss infill and its place in the Livable Oakville plan.

S2 Ep 15 Video

S2 Episode 16: Community Benefits Agreements

The rate of Oakville residents living below the low income measure is two thirds the provincial average, but we can do more to combat poverty. Mayor Burton and his guest panel discuss community benefits agreements, a new idea aimed at helping businesses and communities assist one another.

S2 Ep 16 Video

S2 Episode 17: Oakville Harbours Master Plan

Oakville is fortunate to have two harbours adorning our pristine waterfront. Recently, the Town began its development of a Harbours Master Plan. Mayor Burton and his guest panel discuss what this plan aims to do to make Oakville's harbours more accessible, enjoyable destinations for residents and small businesses.

S 2 Ep 17 Video

S1 Episode 1: Citizen Report Card


The results are in! Mayor Burton and his guest panel review the topline results of the 2015 Citizen Survey which reveals an overall resident satisfaction level of 87 per cent.

S1 Ep 1 Video

S1 Episode 2: Downtown Streetscape

An active discussion on the future of Downtown Oakville. Mayor Burton along with a panel drawn from business and residents take a look at the latest designs and plans for downtown.

S1 Ep 2 Video

S1 Episode 3: Maximizing Asset Management

A discussion of the strategies Oakville Town Council has adopted to utilize aging or underutilized assets in A discussion of the strategies Oakville Town Council has adopted to utilize aging or underutilized assets in fuelling new community initiatives.

S1 Ep 3 Video

S1 Episode 4: Oakville’s Ec-Dev Vision (Hi-Tech)

A roundtable discussion on the growing digital media and hi-tech sector and its impact on economic development in Oakville.

S1 Ep 4 Video

S1 Episode 5: Downtown Oakville - The Cultural Hub

Local business leaders and residents discuss the options and possibilities of Oakville’s renewed Cultural Hub.

S1 Ep 5 Video

S1 Episode 6: Oakville' Ec-Dev Vision (The Life Sciences)

A guest panel discusses the vision and growth opportunities surrounding the proposed lifesciences park adjacent to the new Oakville Hospital.

S1 Ep 6 Video

S1 Episode 7: Oakville's new hospital

An in-depth look at Oakville’s new hospital scheduled for opening in December 2015.

S1 Ep 7 video

S1 Episode 8: Future of the OTMH lands

A discussion of the future possibilities for the Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital (OTMH) lands. What will the site include? What do residents favour?

S1 Ep 8 Video

S1 Episode 9: Oakville's Environment

A roundtable discussion focused on the town and resident’s commitment to Oakville’s environment through policy, educational awareness and engagement in environmental programs.

S1 Ep 9 Video

S1 Episode 10: Oakville's Ec-Dev Vision (Adv. Manufact.)

An active discussion on the growing advanced manufacturing sector and its impact on economic development in Oakville.

S1 Ep 10 Video

S1 Episode 11: Oakville's Vital Signs

We have some of the highest incomes in the region, a low crime rate and an active housing market. Is there a flip side to the coin? The panel takes a close up look at Oakville’s vital signs.

S1 Ep 11 Video

S1 Episode 12: Downtown Oakville Update

Mayor Burton and panel discuss the latest plans for downtown with updates on the preferred streetscape, details of the retail strategy report, the projected start of construction and the latest options for parking solutions downtown.

S1 Ep 12 Video

S1 Episode 13: Emerald Ash Borer in Oakville

A forest specialist of Emerald Ash Borer insect and local Canopy Club member join Mayor Burton to shed light on Oakville’s battle with the beetle.

S1 Ep 13 Video

S1 Episode 14: Focus on Kerr Village

A close up look at Oakville’s Kerr Village business district.

S1 Ep 14 Video

S1 Episode 15: Arts & Culture in Oakville

There’s a vibrant arts community in Oakville, but how many of us know what’s really under the big umbrella called Arts and Culture? A panel of local arts professionals join Mayor Burton for a look at this thriving sector.

S1 Ep 15 Video