Mayor with proclamation

Mayor with proclamation


Requests for proclamations that primarily serve to benefit one or more of the following causes, are generally approved:

  • arts celebrations
  • cultural celebrations in consultation with the Multicultural Council President or designate
    charitable fundraising campaigns
  • civic promotions
  • public awareness campaigns
  • to honour individuals, institutions, or organizations for special achievement(s)

Requests for proclamations that fall into any one of the following groups, will not be approved:

  • political parties or political organizations
  • religious organizations or the celebration of religious events
  • promotion of business or commercial enterprise
  • if the intent is contrary to corporate policies or by-laws
  • if the intent is to defame the integrity of the town
  • if the event or organization has no direct interest or relationship to the town

Application process

  1. Requests for proclamations must be submitted in writing to Bob Ball, Executive Assistant to the Mayor, at least three weeks in advance of an event by emailing
  2. The Clerk's department will review all requests and if required, make any appropriate amendments to the wording of the proclamation, which improves the structure and or intent of the requested proclamation.
  3. Proclamations will be issued by the Mayor upon recommendation of the Town Clerk.
  4. The Mayor's office will provide one copy of the signed proclamation to the applicant.
  5. Notification to the media and advertising is the responsibility of the applicant.
  6. Notification will be provided to Council through the Council Information binder.