Cornwall Road Sports Park Proposed Skateboard Facility

About this project

At the May 25, 2021 meeting, Oakville Town Council created and approved a new capital project, and instructed staff to implement a new skateboard facility at this park location.

Council approved a budget of $250,000 for this new facility with the intent of completing installation by the fall of 2021. This was based on an initial assumption of a pre-fabricated system that could be assembled on site, overtop a flat concrete pad. This would be similar to those already existing at Glen Abbey Park and Glenashton Park.

Proposed location

Cornwall Road Sports Park is one of the town’s community parks located in Ward 3. The park currently contains two lit hardball diamonds, a washroom facility, children’s playground and walking trails. The entire park measures 4.21 hectares (10.4 acres). The proposed location of this skateboard facility will be between the west baseball diamond and the intersection of Cornwall Road and Watson Avenue.

The estimated size of the skateboard facility will be 200-300 square metres.

Project history

Since Council’s meeting in May 2021, several residents have contacted the town with concerns about this kind of facility. To address these concerns, the Parks and Open Space Department has completed a user survey in August 2021 to get a better understanding of current needs and wishes of potential users before requesting design proposals from suppliers.

One of the main outcomes of the survey was that a cast-in-place concrete skateboard facility was preferred, instead of a pre-fabricated system as originally proposed. The survey also asked the respondents to rank six (6) features based on the importance to their enjoyment and skill building. The rankings are as follows.

  1. Bowl (chosen by almost half  of the respondents)
  2. Grind box
  3. Two different size quarter pipes     
  4. Island
  5. Grind rail
  6. Waves
  7. Project status

Based on the survey outcome, the Parks and Open Space department had retained a consultant to design this skateboard facility, through a competitive RFP process. Two conceptual design options were developed for an online public consultation between March 22 and April 4, 2022. The outcome was that option two was preferred. The consultant then further developed option two and completed the final conceptual design in May 2022. Furthermore, the consultation also completed the detailed design in July 2022, ready for tender.

While the consultant was working on the detailed design, the town issued a RFSQ (Request for Supplier Qualification) in June 2022 with the intent to generate a list of prequalified contractors for the upcoming construction of this poured-in-place concrete skateboard facility. Unfortunately, there was a lack of qualified resources available with COVID impact on the entire construction industry. As a result, we were unable to secure a qualified contractor through this RFSQ process. We are going to try again early in 2023 and hopefully secure a qualified contractor at that time.

Project status

Construction has been completed and the new skate park is now open to the public.


New Line Skateparks Inc. has been retained to provide consulting services for this project.

Propour Concrete Services Inc. has been retained as the general contractor for the construction.

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