Urban Structure Review

How should the town accommodate growth?

Instead of developing outward, the town needs to determine the best approach for managing development within the towns existing boundaries.

The Urban Structure Review is looking at the town’s urban structure – including natural heritage and open space, as well as residential, commercial, employment and mixed-use areas – to see if changes are necessary to accommodate required growth.

A comprehensive urban structure will also ensure that community infrastructure and public services are available for the long term while addressing environmental concerns and cost effectiveness.

Update! Region of Halton approves town-wide urban structure

On April 26, 2018, the Region of Halton approved OPAs 15, 317 and 318 with modifications, to establish a town-wide urban structure. At the time of approval, the town-wide urban structure was deemed to be consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement, 2014, to conform to the Regional Official Plan, 2009 and the Growth Plan, 2017.

Subsequent to the Region’s approval, OPA 15 was appealed to the Local Planning and Appeal Tribunal (LPAT). As a result of this appeal, the town-wide urban structure is not in full force and effect.

Prior to a hearing, LPAT holds a case management conference to deal with procedural matters. A case management conference has been scheduled to take place at Town Hall on February 26, 2019 at 10 a.m.

Recommendation report on the proposed Official Plan Amendments

At their meeting of September 26, 2017, Town Council adopted Official Plan Amendments for a revised Urban Structure section introduced into the Town of Oakville’s Official Plan – the Livable Oakville Plan. The following are the associated by-laws adopted by Council:

The proposed amendments provide a framework for how the town will accommodate required growth to 2041, while protecting natural heritage, open space and cultural heritage, maintaining the character of residential areas and directing growth to an identified system of nodes and corridors.

The proposed amendments also provide for revisions to the North Oakville East and West Secondary Plans to align them with the changes to the Livable Oakville Plan.

The proposed amendments will also provide policies to guide consideration of future amendments to the Official Plan, including proposed site-specific amendments to the Official Plan.

The proposed official plan amendments are now available for public inspection:

Information and material is available at www.oakville.ca, or you may visit the Planning Services department between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The meeting notice may be viewed here.

What's else has happened in the study?

Public Meeting and Recommendation Report Special Planning and Development Agenda - September 26, 2017
Statutory Public Meeting Notice for June 12, 2017
Statutory Public Meeting Staff Report for June 12, 2017

Public Information Meeting May 30, 2017:

Two public information meetings were held and feedback was provided on the draft Official Plan Amendments.

Policy Directions Report and preliminary draft Official Plan Amendments.

The Urban Structure Review Policy Directions Report is now available on the Livable Oakville Council Sub-Committee agenda for May 15, 2017. The report includes preliminary draft Official Plan Amendments to implement the findings in the study.

Open house meetings

A series of drop in open houses were held in November 2016. Those who were unable to attend were invited to review the meeting materials (pdf) and to fill out a worksheet (pdf).

The Livable Oakville Council Sub-Committee received a staff report and presentation on the Discussion Paper, DRAFT (pdf) on November 1, 2016.
The Livable Oakville Council Sub-Committee received a staff report and presentation on the Work Program on May 16, 2016.
The Urban Structure Review (pdf) was initiated in February 2016.

Urban Structure Review phases

Phase 1 Study Initiation - February 2016, complete
Phase 2 Background Review – complete
Phase 3 Option Development and Review – complete
Phase 4 Urban Structure Framework and Directions – nearing completion

So much to consider!

The Urban Structure Review considers:

  • Population projections and accommodating required growth to 2041;
  • The potential for development of existing and emerging areas such as Midtown Oakville, the Trafalgar Road Corridor and the area surrounding the Bronte GO Station;
  • The preservation of stable residential areas and the protection of natural heritage;
  • The relationship between growth areas and the delivery of municipal infrastructure; and
  • Criteria for evaluation of new growth areas.

Questions or comments:

Kirk Biggar MCIP, RPP
Senior Planner, Policy Planning
905-845-6601, ext. 3968