Active Transportation Capital Projects

The 2018 Active Transportation Capital Program was approved by Council on February 26, 2018.

By the end of 2018, implementation of over 55.5 kilometres of new cycling and pedestrian paths will have started for a number of different uses.

Projects approved for 2018 include:

Cycling infrastructure

With support of funding from the Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling (OMCC) Program, 4.6 km of bike lane, 38.2 km of signed bike routes, and 12.7 km of signed bike routes with super sharrows will be implemented.

Bike lanes

Along Bristol Circle, Winston Park Boulevard, Sixth Line.

Signed bike routes

Along River Oaks Boulevard, Maple Avenue, Macdonald Road, Elmhurst Avenue, Constance Drive, Brookmill Road, Devon Road, Riverview Street, Bristol Circle, Creek Path Avenue, Pinegrove Road, Oak Park Boulevard, Sawgrass Drive, Wembley Road, Oakmead Boulevard, Parkside Drive, Dunedin Road, Aspen Forest Drive, Wedgewood Drive, Hyde Park Gate, Central Park Drive, Trelawn Avenue / Hillhurst Road, Jones Street, Warren Drive, Lees Lane, Nautical Boulevard, White Oaks Boulevard, Warminster Drive, Linbrook Road, Warminster Drive, Allan Street, Dunn Street, Sixteen Mile Drive / Wheat Boom Drive, North Park Boulevard.

Signed bike routes with super sharrows

Along Bronte Road, Ontario Street, East Street, Kerr Street, Trafalgar Road, Lakeshore Road West, Lakeshore Road East.

Multi-use trail - North Service Road

Multi-use trail along the north side of the North Service Road between Third Line and Fourth Line. The North Service Road is planned to be urbanized/widened in the future to a three-lane cross-section with a concrete sidewalk on the north side. Notwithstanding the road will be widened in the future, within the interim stage a 3 m wide multi-use trail along the north side will be constructed to accommodate all active transportation users.

Crosstown Trail

Implementation of a 4 m wide asphalt multi-use trail along the existing Crosstown Trail between Eighth Line and North Ridge Trail. It is envisioned the trail will not be widened through woodlots and the natural heritage system. Additional features will include rest areas, bike repair stations, automatic bicycle counters, and tourist information kiosks.

North Transit Hub

Bicycle repair station, accessible bench, and bicycle shelter will be installed at the north transit hub. Funded through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund, this infrastructure is recognized as an additional active transportation feature that helps connect major transit routes to key community destinations.

Cycle, Walk Oakville

Town staff will be updating the Cycle, Walk Oakville web-based and hard copy maps, and participating in the Active and Sustainable School Transportation program.

Detailed list

For a detailed list of upcoming active transportation projects for 2018 and completed/ongoing projects from 2017, check out the  February 20, 2018 7 p.m. Community Services Committee staff report.

For more information

Chris Clapham
Sustainable Transportation Program Co-ordinator
Engineering and Construction Department
905-845-6601, ext. 3306