Public Tree Inventory and Maps

The Town of Oakville and its partners used cutting edge technology to identify, catalogue and map public (town-owned trees) in Oakville, including ash trees, to create a tree inventory.

Please note that the information in our tree inventory is based on data collected in 2009 as well as projections created by mathematical models, and therefore it may not be 100 per cent accurate.

To check out the results of the public tree inventory, open the link to Explore Oakville maps (Street and Park Trees). Trees being treated will appear with a red or yellow circle around them. An “x” indicates the tree is dead or dying and will be removed for public safety.

Explore Oakville maps - Street and Park Trees

To open the Probable Ash Tree Location page (including private trees), select the Explore Oakville maps - Ash Tree Detection

Interested in the 2010 Town of Oakville Hyperspectral EAB Analysis Report, is available by selecting the link below.

2010 map and analysis of EAB infestation (pdf)

To learn more about using Explore Oakville, open the how to guide.

How to use the Explore Oakville probable ash tree locations (pdf)