Wedgewood (Cox Estate)

Wedgewood (Cox Estate) Cemetery

Wedgewood (Cox Estate) Cemetery

Between 143 and 147 Wedgewood Drive

Established in 1833, the historic Wedgewood (Cox Estate) Cemetery, located on the south side of Wedgewood Drive, is the resting place of early settlers of Trafalgar Township, including many children.

The absence of modern medicine in the 19th century caused a large number of children to die at an early age. Two of the three marked graves are those of the infant children of Samuel and Sophia Harris, probably related to John C. Harris, the owner of the property in 1823. Unmarked graves of other local children are believed to be located in this cemetery as well. In 1847 the current burial ground was recognized and preserved from future transactions.

In 1909, after a series of different owners, the property surrounding the burial ground was purchased by Herbert Coplin Cox, president and later chairman of the board of the Canada Life Assurance Company, for his lakeshore estate. The cemetery has since been known as the Wedgewood (Cox Estate) Pioneer Cemetery.