Burnhamthorpe Road Character Study and Class Environmental Assessment

Sixteen Mile Creek to Ninth Line

Burnhamthorpe Road is currently designated as a regional arterial road under the jurisdiction of Halton Region. However, a new roadway (north Oakville transportation corridor) is being built just north of Burnhamthorpe Road and is expected to address future east-west travel demands in this area, replacing the regional road function of Burnhamthorpe Road.

This study, which includes a Class Environmental Assessment (EA), will address the current Burnhamthorpe Road and develop a new road design for the section between Ninth Line and Sixteen Mile Creek to better serve the needs of the north Oakville community.

This project will support the objectives of the North Oakville Secondary Plan, which envisions a vibrant, mixed-use community that promotes sustainable modes of transportation. Review a copy of the, for the Burnhamthorpe Road Character Study – Class Environmental Assessment.

Open house #1 - June 25, 2013

Public notice #1 (pdf)
Open house #1 - presentation boards (pdf)

Open house #2 - April 30, 2014

Public notice #2 (pdf)
Open House #2 - presentation boards (pdf)

Environmental study report

The Environmental Study Report with the recommendations including the proposed roadway alignment and cross section was approved at the Council meeting of February 9, 2015.


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