Sixth Line Class Environmental Assessment Study

Dundas Street to New Burnhamthorpe Road

The town has initiated a Class C Environmental Study Review (ESR) to investigate the most appropriate way to upgrade Sixth Line from Dundas Street to the new Burnhamthorpe Road. This section of Sixth Line will need to provide more efficient and effective transportation facilities for on-road and off-road users as future development occurs along this corridor. The study will review possible alterations including:

  • Widening Sixth Line from its present two lanes
  • Left and right turn lanes
  • Signalized intersections and/or roundabouts
  • Stormwater management ponds
  • Cycling and pedestrian facilities
  • Transit facilities
  • Phasing plan for future development

Open the Notice of Study Commencement Sixth Line Environmental Study Assessment (pdf).

Public information centre #1 - December 4, 2012

Public information centre #2 - October 2, 2013

Environmental study report

The environmental study report with the recommendations including the proposed roadway alignment and cross section was approved at the Council meeting of July 21, 2014.