Before an Emergency

During significant events and emergencies, information updates will be posted on the town’s website and social media channels and available through ServiceOakville.

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Are you prepared for the first 72 hours?

Do you know the types of emergencies that could happen in Oakville? Are you prepared for the first 72 hours of an emergency?

Make an Emergency Plan

As a family, discuss the types of emergencies, what you need to do to prepare, what to do during an emergency/evacuation, and what roles and responsibilities each person will have. Practice your plan regularly.

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Create an Emergency Kit

Make sure you have at least a 72-hour (three-day) supply of food, water and other essentials such as medications for every member of your household. Check your supplies twice a year and replace any contents that have expired or were removed for use.

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Plan for special needs

People with special needs such as young children, elderly family members, persons with disabilities or persons with chronic illnesses require additional consideration in emergency preparedness planning.

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Plan for your pets

Don’t forget the needs of pets or service animals.

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