Inspections and Plans Review

Inspections and plans reviews enforce the life safety standards of the Ontario Building Code and Ontario Fire Code. All fire and life safety requirements must be met.

Fire inspections/reviews are required for:

  • Renovations or new construction building approvals
  • Private Home Daycare (pdf)
  • Complaints of violations and/or a request for a public inquiry into violations
  • Discovery of violations or hazardous occupancies

File searches can be requested to see the inspection/compliance history of a building. To request a file search:

  • You must be the owner or have permission from the current owner in writing
  • Submit your request in writing to Fire Prevention, 1144 South Service Road West, Oakville ON L6L 5T7
  • Include your cheque with the appropriate fee, payable to the Oakville Fire department.

Open the 2020 Fire — Emergency Services Rates and Fees (pdf).

New buildings must also complete a Fire Route Application (pdf)

For more information, to book a fire inspection, request a file search, or submit a Fire Route Application, please contact or call 905-338-4404.

Building demolition

  • All applications to demolish a building go through the Building Services department.
  • A demolition permit is required when demolishing a building that is larger than 10 square metres or 107 square feet.
  • Demolition must comply with Section 8 of the Ontario Fire Code. No open burning is permitted.

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