Pools, Hot Tubs and Ponds

Make sure you plan ahead before you start your pool, hot tub or pond project so you can identify things that my impact your project during the planning stage, while your project is underway, and after it's complete.

Permits and applications


Tree protection and removal

Did you know that there are special requirements if your project is near a town-owned tree? Are you thinking about cutting a tree down on your property? Visit the Tree Protection and Removal page for permit details and applications.

Parking during construction

Did you know that there are special parking requirements for you, as well as anyone you hire during your project? Visit the Parking During Construction page for details.


Pool permit inspections are required at several stages of the process and prior to the return of posted securities. Inspections are typically carried out within two or three working days of the request. For more information refer to the Swimming Pool Enclosures Permit Procedures and Guidelines document listed under "Permits and applications" above.

Did you know that a wood deck surrounding your above-ground pool requires a building permit application and applicable building inspections? Please contact the Building Services department at 905-338-4220 to discuss your project details.

For additional approvals, you may need to contact other town departments or other agencies. Please visit the Other Agency Approvals page for details.

Other helpful information

Did you know that a permit is required for any pool depth that exceeds two feet?

To reduce the risk of a potential drowning, all types of pools including inflatable ones, hot tubs and landscape pond features must be enclosed by a fence, restricted by a lockable gate if the depth capacity exceeds 60 centimetres (two feet) and adhere to the appropriate setbacks from the property line. Hot tubs require lockable lids if the property is not fenced or gated. Call 905-338-4407 for more information.

West Nile Virus

Properly maintained pools are not a source of West Nile Virus. Find out more by visiting the West Nile Virus page.