Make sure you plan ahead before you start your landscaping project so you can identify things that my impact your project during the planning stage, while your project is underway, and after it's complete.

We encourage you to use your property survey or contact the town to determine your property line before beginning any landscaping or construction. Private structures and landscaping features are not permitted on the town boulevard. Review By-Law 2009-072 and Boulevard Gardening permits.

Permits and applications

Policies and procedures


Did you know that the Zoning by-law may have regulations for your project.

Tree protection

Did you know that there are special requirements if your project is near a town-owned tree? Are you thinking about cutting a tree down on your property? Visit the Tree Protection and Removal page for permit details and applications.


Did you know that there are special parking requirements for you, as well as anyone you hire during your project? Visit the Parking During Construction page for details.


Did you know that a structure such as a pergola, trellis, gazebo, etc. may require a building permit application and applicable building inspections? Please contact the Building Services department at 905-338-4220 to make this determination.

For additional approvals, you may need to contact other town departments or other agencies. Please visit the Other Agency Approvals page for details.

Other information

  • Fences are required around water landscape features.
  • You might need a building permit if your landscaping project includes a deck or accessory structure.