Construction Projects and Renovations

Planning before and after your home construction, renovation, demolition or landscaping project

It's important to know as much as you can about your project before you begin so there are no surprises. To find out what you need to know so that your house or landscaping project runs smoothly select your type of project from the following list:

Ministry of Labour - Notice of Project

Before work begins on a construction project, the building (Constructor in Health and Safety legislation) may need to file a Notice of Project (NOP) to the Ministry of Labour. The Government of Ontario has some tools and information to keep you informed. You may be asked to complete the Notice of Project as the property owner. Here are some things you should know first.

What are supplementary and/or omitted tax bills and when are they used ?

Supplementary and/or omitted tax bills are additional bills issued by the town and reflect any increase in taxes resulting from additions or improvements to your property. Owners of newly constructed homes may initially be assessed for the value of land only; however, following possession are responsible for full taxes (land and building) from possession date forward. Though it can take up to two years to determine your home’s assessed value, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) will issue a supplementary assessment notice, and in turn, the town will issue your tax bill, which is retroactive to the possession date. For more information, please call the town’s Tax Inquiry Line at 905-338-4222.

Projects that need permits and the permit process

Many different types of home construction, renovation, demolition and landscaping projects require permits. If you don't see the type of project you want to do listed above, visit the Residential Building Permits page for more information.

Zoning by-laws

Check zoning by-laws to ensure project compliance. Zoning by-laws regulate how land and buildings are used, the location of the buildings, lot coverage, building heights and other provisions to ensure proper development. The town's zoning by-law requirements must be satisfied regardless of whether a building permit is needed.

Other things to consider before you start a project

Non-residential construction projects

If your construction project is non-residential, visit the Building and Planning section for information and details including application forms and guidelines.