Lakeshore Road Bridge Reconstruction over Sixteen Mile Creek

Bridge now open!

Mayor Burton and Members of Council formally opened the bridge on November 1 - ahead of schedule and under budget. Read the news release for more information.

Videos and Photos

Time-lapse video: February to November 2017

Witness 10 months of construction in just 2 minutes with this time-lapse video of the Lakeshore Road Bridge reconstruction project.

Drone video: February to November 2017

For a closer look at the work that was done to deconstruct and rebuild the bridge check out the drone video posted below.

More videos and photos

Visit our YouTube channel for more video content related to Lakeshore Bridge reconstruction or check out  photos on our Facebook page.


Bridge fun facts

  • Opened on November 17, 2017, approximately one month ahead of schedule. The bridge was originally scheduled to be completed by December 15, 2017.
  • The bridge is a three-span concrete deck slab on steel I-beams supported by two piers and abutments on each side of the valley slope.
  • The bridge features two travel lanes and bikes lanes; a wider pedestrian sidewalk with a barrier wall to separate the sidewalk and vehicular traffic; new pedestrian railings and lookouts as well as LED lighting.
  • The approximate life span of the new bridge is 75 years.
  • Approximately 125 people have worked on the bridge at one time or another over the last 8 months.
  • The new bridge replaces a 50-year-old bridge that carried approximately 15,000 vehicles across every day before it was torn down.
  • The new bridge is the seventh bridge to span this section of Sixteen Mile Creek.  The first bridge was built in 1832, followed by replacement bridges in 1850, 1878, 1895, 1924, 1967 and 2017.
  • The bridge constructed in 1895 which was known as the “Aberdeen Swing Bridge” was constructed at a cost of $11,000.
  • The overall project budget for the new structure, including engineering design, contracted construction and project management costs was just over $10 million. While final invoices have not been processed, the overall cost is expected to come in below the budget amount

Revitalizing downtown

Lakeshore Road Reconstruction and Streetscape Project

With Lakeshore Road East (Navy Street to Allan Street) coming to the end of its lifespan and needing a major reconstruction, the town undertook extensive research and public consultation to identify broader opportunities to improve traffic, beautify streets and improve pedestrian/cycle ways in the downtown.

In October 2015, Council approved the Lakeshore Road Streetscape Project as part of the Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study (DTS) study.

The Lakeshore Road Bridge at Sixteen Mile Creek reconstruction took place in advance of the road project as inspections of the bridge revealed its condition warranted immediate attention. The materials used on the bridge (such as pavers, light poles and railing) were selected as part of the Lakeshore Road Streetscape Project

Council approved the construction methodology and schedule of the bridge rehabilitation in the spring of 2016. Review a copy of the staff report to Council.

Navy Street two-way conversion

In early 2017, in advance of the bridge work, Navy Street between Rebecca/Randall Street was converted to two-way traffic. For more information please visit the Downtown Oakville two-way traffic conversion project page.

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