Lakeshore Road Reconstruction and Streetscape Project

What's happening on Lakeshore Road

For the next few weeks, work will become dependent on the availability of materials. As a result, some areas of Lakeshore Road and adjacent side streets will be used to store materials. This reflects efforts to obtain materials and have them delivered to the site when they become available so that if in the event of supply chain disruption, impacts on construction timing can be minimized.

To date, the supply chain in Ontario has not been affected. Quebec suppliers closed operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 24. It is important to note this is a fluid situation, with the project team continually looking for ways to reduce the risk to project timing, while keeping works and the public safe.

Phase one curbing installation

Phase one work resumed the week of April 20, beginning on the north side of Lakeshore Road at Navy Street. This work is weather dependent and will be executed one block at a time. To enable the installation, you will see equipment and materials occupy some parking stalls in the area. There will be access to all businesses and residences during this process.

Opening date for Allan Street intersection extended to June 1

The Allan Street intersection work includes the installation of a large water chamber, watermain, sewer work and catch basins. 

While non-essential businesses remain closed and there is less vehicle traffic, we are able to advance additional works in the Allan Street intersection, including the new curbs, road base and base course asphalt. Extending the closure now eliminates the need for a second closure of the intersection, resulting in less disruption during the summer.

Property tax payments deferred for those in need

Oakville Town Council has voted to accept late property tax payments with no interest or late fees for up to two months, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on the town's response to COVID-19, including current service levels, please visit our COVID-19 Information page.

Lakeshore Road Reconstruction Project Office closed to the public

As part of the Town of Oakville's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lakeshore Road Reconstruction Project Office is closed to the public until further notice. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Lakeshore Road Reconstruction Project, please contact:

Mary Vallee
Senior Liaison and Communications Advisor 
905-845-6601, ext. 3317

What to expect

The reconstruction is extensive, with underground installation of new gas lines, replacement of waste water and drinking water pipes, new electrical conduits, new communication infrastructure, and silva cell installations to ensure healthy trees. All the infrastructure will be hidden by new granite curbing, granite pavers and wider sidewalks.

How do I keep informed?

Downtown detour map

Downtown detour map

Is the project currently on schedule?

The project is progressing as planned, although weather has impacted some work days. Communication within the project team is essential. Town staff, the contractor, consultants, Halton Region and the utilities are in regular contact to monitor the situation and respond to any issues that could impact the project schedule. A staff report outlining current progress is available on the Council Addendum agenda for March 23, 2020 (note that this Council meeting was postponed until April).

What additional efforts have been made to reduce the time for construction?

The project itself is on target and we are continually employing strategies to shorten the schedule itself. These efforts are demonstrated in the extended closure of the Allan Street intersection which has saved time. Secondly, we are working with retailers and residents to execute a ‘continuous pour’ of sidewalk concrete. This tactic itself could save up to twelve working days. For this, we will need and are working to obtain the cooperation of businesses and residents alike who have an entrance on Lakeshore Road.

Will the town be looking at the ‘continuous pour’ process for the sidewalks, and if so, when will we know the timing?

We are working to take full advantage of a block by block ‘continuous pour’ of sidewalk concrete. If all those whose front entrances are affected allow for temporary closure, this tactic could save up to twelve working days. As with the  first phase, we will need and are working to obtain the cooperation of businesses and residents alike who have entrances on Lakeshore Road.

Is the project being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic or by the state of emergency declared by the Province and town?

As this is a very fluid situation, the project team assesses the current state and any projected changes on a daily basis. The project team is following the recommendations of the Public Health Department with respect to hand washing and social distancing. For more information about what the Town of Oakville is doing to manage the threat of COVID-19, visit our COVID-19 page.

Since Phase 2 started earlier this year, will it finish earlier?

Lakeshore is expected to re-open to traffic mid-October, which is one month earlier than original projections. Work is expected to continue until mid-November, and will include installation of benches and other street furniture, finishing touches, and site clean-up. This timeline reflects the full scope of the work required to complete the project. Again, this timeline is weather dependent.

Can the fencing be removed or adjusted on Lakeshore and side streets for better pedestrian access?

The contractor will continue to provide the best possible access for pedestrians while maintaining a safe and efficient work site. Even though work may not be happening in one section, it is still a work site and construction vehicles may need access to the site.

Can the town provide more parking spaces downtown during construction?

The town has created 112 additional temporary and permanent parking spaces downtown. Free parking periods have been expanded to include evenings after 6 pm, all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays. As well, the first hour of parking is free is using the HONK app and the promo code “DOWNTOWN”. If you don’t know how to use HONK, we’d be happy to help your customers download the app.

Will my front door access or services be affected by the construction? Who will notify me? When?

Your front door access will temporarily be closed in order for pouring the concrete for the new sidewalk and watermain hookup. The contractor will provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice for any interruption to access.

I am planning for patio season. What do I need to know?

For input or questions regarding the 2020 patio season, contact Christina Tizzard, Manager of Urban Design, or 905-845-6601 ext. 3266. The town is also currently seeking input from businesses regarding the development of a patio guideline that will be implanted for the 2021 season.

What happens to my garbage collection during street closures?

Pick up is moving off Lakeshore Road to Allan Street, Reynolds Street, Trafalgar Road and Dunn Street, for the duration of construction. The schedule has not changed, pick up is Tuesday and Friday mornings. Garbage and recycling should be on the street before 6:30 a.m. Overnight storage on the street is discouraged. We recommend each business and residence marks the side of receptacles with the property address to help ensure their safe return.

How does the parking programs affect my monthly-prepaid parking permit?

The monthly-prepaid parking permits will continue during the Lakeshore Road reconstruction project. Employees of the downtown businesses should continue to leave the closest and most convenient parking spaces available for their customers and clients.

Can you tell me what’s happening with the work remaining from Phase 1?

  • Grouting – now underway. Installation requires temperatures of six degrees or higher
  • Asphalt removal – now underway
  • Granite installation – now underway

The contractor will be repairing curb, sidewalk and lock stone that were damaged over the winter.

If we are working block by block why can’t we remove the fences?

While it may appear the work is executed block by block, Lakeshore Road from Allan to Dunn streets is a ‘construction zone’. Walkways have been created at the end of each block to accommodate pedestrians. Our Ambassadors are posted at the crossing locations to answer questions, assist with safe crossings and to ensure no one wanders mistakenly into the work areas.

How many days have we lost due to COVID-19 or rain so far? Have we made up those days?

Crews as well as staff have been present throughout the COVID-19 crisis. In terms of days lost due to inclement weather, we have lost one day in 2020. The project is on schedule.

Will the Allan and Lakeshore intersection need to be closed again this summer or fall for other work?

The intersection at Allan Street will open approximately June 1st. The intersection will remain open until we lay the final asphalt. The closure will be short – approximately one or two days and the final asphalt is one of the last things to happen before the opening of Lakeshore Road. When you see the final asphalt in place, you will know we are very close to the end!

What are the names of the trees currently in Phase 1 and will Phase 2 have any changes in the tree type of size?

Twenty-four (24) trees have been planted along Lakeshore Road between Navy and Dunn.  An additional twenty-four trees (24) will be planted in the second phase. The species include:

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Tulip Tree
  • American  Elm
  • MaidenHair Tree
  • Sweetgum Tree

We understand many of you want to see larger tees planted. Forestry experts have advised us the size (and species) being planted are the right choices and will outgrow larger tree stock. The following information was provided by the landscape architect:

Regarding the size of the trees, arboricultural research has proven that planting smaller trees leads to better outcomes over time as smaller trees establish their root systems more quickly after transplanting. Over a 10-year period, small trees will actually outgrow larger trees (when comparing the size at the time of planting). This is why we specified 50mm caliper trees. Each tree is inspected before they arrived at the site to ensure that the trees are uniform and healthy.

What is the best way for residents and businesses to raise concerns or ask questions about the project?

Residents and businesses are encouraged to sign up for the project newsletter. Questions can be directed to Mary Vallee, the project’s Community Liaison, at or 905-845-6601, ext. 3317.

Invest Oakville: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting business operations, and employers are seeking information to address new challenges and make informed decisions. For an overview of the resources and information currently available to the business community, please visit Invest Oakville.

Helping Local Businesses during COVID-19 

Much has been done to provide on-going help for the mainstreet businesses including: 

The Mayor’s Economic Task Force is also concentrating efforts on long term recovery planning. Local businesses are invited to participate in a short online survey to help inform town priorities and initiatives in support of Oakville’s economic recovery.

Digital Main Street

The Digital Main Street Squad is a resource for small businesses, to help build or enhance an online presence, promote products/services and sell online. This free service includes upcoming webinars and one-on-one digital support for Oakville BIA members. For more information, please contact

Skip the Dishes

Building on the popularity of restaurant food delivery, a working partnership has been established with Canada's own Skip the Dishes. Downtown Oakville restaurants will have the opportunity to sign on with this independent service without having to pay the restaurant fee. Skip the Dishes will be advertising extensively throughout the construction period. If your restaurant is interested in participating in this service, please contact

Free parking program

During the Lakeshore Road reconstruction, Council has approved a parking program to help attract customers and visitors to downtown Oakville. This program will run until December 31, 2020.

The town has secured the parking lot at 109 Reynolds Street, adjacent to Ward Funeral Home, creating over 30 new spots. As well, the former fire station lot at the corner of Randall Street and Navy Street has been converted into a temporary parking, providing more parking options for visitors, customers and employees in downtown Oakville.

First hour free with Honk

Use the promo code DOWNTOWN in the Honk Mobile app to get your first hour of parking free at a metered space or in a municipal parking lot in downtown Oakville.

Free weekend parking

Parking at a metered space or in a municipal parking lot has always been free on Sundays and holidays. During the reconstruction, parking at a metered space or in a municipal parking lot will also be free on Saturdays.

New municipal parking lot F

The former fire station lot at the corner of Randall Street and Navy Street has been converted into a temporary parking lot to provide more parking options for visitors, customers and employees in downtown Oakville.

More on-street parking spaces

When Lakeshore Road is closed for construction, the side streets in the immediate blocks become temporary dead end streets. These streets will be converted to create more parking spaces by providing perpendicular parking along one side of the street. This will create more parking spaces for convenient access to the stores, restaurants and businesses near the road closure.

Ongoing parking programs

Parking will continue to be provided for visitors, customers and employees throughout downtown Oakville during the Lakeshore Road reconstruction project. Parking at the on-street metered spaces and in the municipal parking lots is free after 6 p.m. and all day on Sundays and holidays.

More information

  • The parking programs are available in downtown Oakville during the Lakeshore Road reconstruction project
  • Vehicles are prohibited from parking contrary to parking regulations
  • Vehicles must comply with the maximum parking durations on the street or in the lot
  • The Parkade at 300 Church Street is excluded from these parking programs
  • The 20-minute quick stop metered parking spaces are excluded from the first hour free parking program
  • Employees of the downtown businesses should continue to leave the closest and most convenient parking spaces available for their customers and clients

How to pay with your phone

With the free Honk Mobile app, you can easily search, pay for and top up parking from a phone, tablet or computer. This payment option is easy and quick to use so you can get to where you want to go!

Set up is simple:

  1. Visit to download the app from Apple Store and Google Play
  2. Set up account including vehicle and payment information
  3. Choose "zone" or location to park (available on machine or meter or on app)
  4. Choose time needed to park
  5. Enter promo code DOWNTOWN to get your first hour free
  6. Extend time up to maximum allowed in location


With Lakeshore Road East coming to the end of its lifespan and needing a major reconstruction, the town undertook extensive research and public consultation to identify broader opportunities to improve traffic, beautify streets and improve pedestrian/cycle ways in the downtown.

In April 2018, Council approved the final design for the Lakeshore Road Reconstruction and Streetscape Project. Reconstruction will be done in two phases: Phase 1 in 2019 (spring to fall) between Navy and Dunn streets, and phase 2 in 2020 (spring to fall) between Dunn and Allan streets.

The Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study (DTS) was approved by Council in April 2015 which includes the Lakeshore Bridge Rehabilitation, the Two-Way Street Conversion, and the Lakeshore Road Reconstruction and Streetscape Project. The DTS is part of the overall Downtown Plan.

September 10, 2018

Town Council endorses the Downtown Mitigation Strategy and gives direction for free parking on Saturdays, running from April 2019 to November 2020. Town staff are directed to implement the mitigation initiatives, subject to budget approval. Review the September 20, 2018, Planning and Development Council staff report.

April 10, 2018

Town Council approves final streetscape plan for Lakeshore Road Streetscape and Reconstruction Project. Council also receives information about the mitigation initiatives that are planned at the present time, wayfinding initiatives planned for downtown during and after construction.

2016 Public Consultation

  • Public meetings were held on March 1 and June 15, 2016 to get feedback on contemporary design palettes. Comments were also collected online from February 24 to April 1, 2016.
  • When specific contemporary furniture pieces were presented to the public in March and June 2016 there was significant concern and opposition about the contemporary theme choice for the streetlights, benches, bike rings and bollards
  • In July 2016, Council passed a motion directing staff to recommence a public engagement process in the fall 2016 to gather more public input on the three style options — traditional, contemporary and classic for the streetlights, benches, bike rings and bollards
  • Staff began incorporating the garbage/recycling stations as well as the granite pavers and curbs into the streetscape design as presented to the public this past March and June and approved by Council in July 2016.
  • In September 2016, the town held a number of public engagement opportunities to find out what style of streetscape furniture — traditional, contemporary or classic — residents and businesses would like to see used in downtown Oakville. Each style was designed to complement the downtown heritage district.
  • On October 3, 2016, Council approved a traditional furniture style for downtown Oakville. Review the staff report.
  • Between December 5 and 23, 2016, the town went out for public consultation about what specific furniture pieces, lighting temperature, and bridge railing residents and businesses liked best for Downtown Oakville. The town provided two options for each piece of streetscape furniture; two types of lighting (LED fixture/bulbs), and three bridge railing options. Two choices of furnishing colour that supported a traditional theme - graphite and moss green - were also provided.
  • On February 13, 2017, Council approved the bridge railing, the lighting and the furniture selections (streetlight poles, benches, bollards, bike rings) for downtown Oakville. Review the February 13, 2017 staff report for details

2015 Public Consultation

  • Following extensive public consultation through the Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study (DTS), a contemporary theme was chosen in 2015 over traditional and classical, to complement the historic buildings in the streetscape yet remain a reflection of the current time.
  • Desire to maximize a flexible (curbless) design of the Lakeshore Road East configuration was also discussed at these meetings as a topic for consideration.
Artist's rendering of Lakeshore Road streetscape

Artist's rendering of Lakeshore Road streetscape

Artist's rendering of Lakeshore Road streetscape

Artist's rendering of Lakeshore Road streetscape

*Images based on design presented at Public Meeting December 7, 2017 and are subject to change.

For more information

Mary Vallee
Communications Liaison, Downtown Projects
Strategy, Policy & Communications
905-845-6601, ext. 3317