Local Variance Criteria By-law

What is a Local Variance Criteria By-law?

A Local Variance Criteria By-law (LVCB) is a planning tool that affects minor variance applications, and will enhance the objectives of the Livable Oakville Official Plan. The By-law will provide a set of criteria on what is considered to be a minor variance, and would be applied together with the four tests of a minor variance. The four tests of the minor variance are established in the Planning Act, and the criteria is established by the town.

Why pass a Local Variance Criteria By-law?

In 2017, staff completed the Residential Character Study which recommended the evaluation of criteria for minor variance applications to assist in managing certain changes in residential areas across the town. On March 19, 2018 Council directed staff to explore and implement a LVCB as outlined in the staff report. The LVCB will change the scope for how the Committee of Adjustment makes decisions and how applications are reviewed by staff.

We want to hear from you

A LVCB is an important tool and will have an impact on how minor variance applications are reviewed. The criteria should further enhance the objectives of the Livable Oakville Plan and recognizes unique attributes of properties or circumstances may require relief from the Zoning By-law.

Come to the meeting

A Public Information Meeting was held on April 19, 2018 at Town Hall. You may view the presentation slides from the meeting to learn more.

A Public Meeting will be held on May 14, 2018 in Council Chambers at Town Hall. A draft version of the By-law will be available for review and comment.

Read the news release for more information.

Submit your comments to:

Council c/o the Town Clerk
Town of Oakville
Clerk’s department
1225 Trafalgar Road
Oakville, ON L6H 0H3
or at TownClerk@oakville.ca

Making submissions and preserving appeal rights:

For information on making submissions and appeal rights please visit the Making Submissions and Preserving Appeal Rights page.

For information about the process please contact:

Timothy Lee, Manager of Zoning and Committee of Adjustment
905-845-6601 ext. 3259 or

Kate Mihaljevic, Planner
905-845-6601 ext. 3124 or